Nybord, Denmark | Come and see the home of the fairy tale kingdom's king, Hans Christian Andersen

Odense is located on the island of Funen and is the third largest city in Denmark and the capital of the island. The city is like a fairytale town, with typical Danish-style low wooden houses everywhere.

Luxembourg Castle

Løkkehøm Castle is a paradise on earth for the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, which completely captivated him. Andersen created a series of beloved fairy tales here, including the widely circulated "The Little Mermaid". The room he once lived in still retains its original appearance, making people feel as if they have traveled through time.

Hans Christian Andersen's House Museum

This is the birthplace and childhood residence of the world-renowned fairy tale master, Hans Christian Andersen, and also one of the oldest writer museums in the world. In the museum's gift shop, you can find a wide selection of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale books translated into multiple languages, for souvenirs and gifts.

Monastery garden

The monastery garden is a meticulously designed small geometric garden, designed by architect I. P. Sørensen in the 1920s. This small and exquisite courtyard is filled with fragrant roses and herbs. The garden collects over 125 varieties of herbs, many of which are extremely rare.

Esco Castle

The Esztergom Castle, with its moat, spires, and knight's hall, is one of the best-preserved water castles from the Renaissance period in Europe. Built in 1554, the castle is full of vitality despite its long history. The surrounding gardens add even more charm to the entire castle.

Feiyang village

FairyTale Village is an open-air museum and also the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen. It preserves the oldest and most traditional way of life and architectural style from the 18th-19th century. Here, you can experience the rural life in Denmark and have close contact with nature and animals.

Ovart cruise ship

Since 1882, the Europhat cruise has been providing boat services to passengers and constantly enriching its activities. By boarding the Europhat cruise, you will embark on a unique fairy tale journey guided by Mr. Andersen.

Braunschweig Art Center

BRANDTS is Denmark's first art and visual culture museum, formerly a textile factory. Today, it regularly hosts top-notch temporary exhibitions featuring artworks from around the world.