Portuguese music festival

Do you love music? Do you want to experience live music festivals? Why not come to these places in Portugal and feel it for yourself! Every year, Portugal hosts various types of music festivals in cities like Lisbon and Porto, catering to different music lovers' preferences. These festivals offer a wide range of programs, whether you're a fan of classical music, jazz, or rock, you can find your own favorite music feast.

Parque da Cidade - Optimus Primavera Sound

For those who love rock music, Optimus Primavera Sound festival is a feast not to be missed. Held at Parque da Cidade music park, this festival attracts many internationally renowned music stars and top superstars to perform. But if you want to attend, be sure to book your tickets early!

Meco Beach - Super Bock Super Rock music festival

Every year, the internationally renowned Super Bock Super Rock music festival is held on Meco Beach in Portugal. Here, you can enjoy music from a variety of genres including rock, pop, hip-hop, and more. In addition to the exciting performances, the ticket also includes three-day camping and transportation expenses. Don't miss the best time to book your tickets if you want to feel the power of this music feast!

Cintela Palace - Cintela Music Festival

The Festival de Sintra is an annual music festival held at the Palácio Nacional de Sintra. The festival showcases classical music and combines ballet with classical music, allowing the audience to enjoy both the music and the breathtaking scenery of Sintra. This is definitely a visual and auditory feast worth experiencing.

Guelbournian Foundation - August Jazz Festival

The August Jazz Festival of the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon is definitely not to be missed. Here, you can enjoy the pleasure of live performances and the perfect combination of natural atmosphere and music ambiance. No matter which style of jazz music you prefer, you can find what you like. This outdoor concert will be the most unforgettable experience in mid-August.

Estoril Jazz Festival

The Estoril Jazz Festival is one of the most important jazz events in Portugal, held successfully for thirty consecutive years. Every year, the festival invites heavyweight figures from the industry to perform, giving jazz music enthusiasts a feast for the ears. If you love jazz music, you absolutely cannot miss this unmissable event!