Rainbow Mountain | The popular online celebrity attraction that went viral on INS is waiting for you to check-in

In 2016, explorer Tristan Oliff and his companion stumbled upon a colorful Rainbow Mountain while traveling in Peru's Vinicunca National Park, bringing this overturned color palette of God into people's sight.

Cusco Quesiuno

The trekking itinerary is quite similar, starting from the hotel and taking a special car to officially depart from Cusco around 3:30 in the morning. After more than three hours of bumpy mountain roads, we arrived at the closest village to the mountain pass, Quesiuno, at around 7 am. Rest a bit here, including enjoying a high-calorie breakfast in the farmhouse.
This colonial-style hostel is just steps away from the main square San Blas Square and is the most popular budget accommodation in Cusco. Whether it's the beautiful courtyard, balcony rooms, or the rooftop bar with street views, the atmosphere is full of charm.
Just across from the San Pedro Market, the hotel is transformed from a monastery architecture. It has a garden of nearly 4,000 square meters, elegantly peaceful.
This hotel is located near Plaza De Armas and is situated in a 16th-century ancient building. The rooms have a designed sense, and the restaurant La Cave Restaurant serves local cuisine. The large courtyard is as bright as a greenhouse.