The unique charm of visiting the ancient castle

German medieval castles are one of the world's famous historical landmarks, with astonishing architectural styles and fascinating historical stories. These castles embody the fusion of romance and classicalism, giving people a feeling of returning to the Middle Ages. We can stroll along the river bank in Strasbourg or climb the castle walls to experience the historical and cultural significance that each castle carries and presents.

Lichtenstein Castle

Located on a cliff, the Gothic-style Lichtenstein Castle is known as one of the most dangerous buildings in the world and one of the most fairy-tale-like castles. Visitors can enjoy the charming surrounding scenery, with lush valleys that have a unique charm in spring and summer, while the beautiful golden landscape in autumn is simply irresistible.

Wartburg Castle

Wartburg Castle is located at the top of Eisenach, and its magnificent architecture carries a rich sense of history accumulated over thousands of years. Wartburg Castle is one of the famous castles in Germany and is renowned for its architectural masterpiece. Climbing up Wartburg Castle, besides exploring its long history, you can also overlook the panoramic view of Eisenach and experience the spectacular sight of towering mountains.

Schloss Marienburg

Marlborough Castle is a birthday gift from King George V to his wife, and it has now become a popular tourist destination. The castle is exceptionally beautiful, resembling a fairytale, with magnificent architecture and intricate craftsmanship, leaving a profound impression on every visitor. The interior walls of the castle are adorned with vividly colored fairytale scenes, particularly the story of Sleeping Beauty, which is particularly impressive.

Rheinstein Castle in Rüdesheim

Rheinstein Castle is located on the south bank of the Rhine River. It was built in the 18th century, collapsed at one point, and was then rebuilt by the Prussians in 1825. Visitors need to walk or take a short path to reach the castle. The castle features Neo-Gothic architecture, with a towering tower that has an open-air platform and an iron staircase. The interior of the castle showcases many valuable stained glass windows and murals, as well as a Renaissance fireplace and stylish furniture. Don't miss the castle's rooftop, where you can overlook the magnificent scenery of the Rhine Valley.

Schloss Stolzenfels

Stolzenfels Castle, located on the Rhine River, is designed in a lively Italian style and stands above the Rhine River. The castle is famous for its yellow wall paint, flat roof, pergola gallery, and rooftop terrace. It is not only an outstanding example of Romanticism on the Rhine, but also one of Germany's most valuable Romantic interior decorations and architectural heritage.

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