Those coffee shops that you never get tired of going to again and again

How can you miss out on coffee when you travel to Vietnam? Coffee is a must-have in Vietnam! Every time you walk into these cafes, you will feel the waft of coffee aroma filling the air, making you unable to resist. In this article, we mainly recommend several historic coffee houses in Hanoi, allowing you to experience the charm of this city.

Cafe Duy Tri

This café is located in an area close to West Lake, but it is not actually too far. The most famous drink in the shop is Sua chua ca phe, which is a unique Vietnamese coffee yogurt combination, highly recommended to try.

Cafe Dinh

This café is located next to Hoan Kiem Lake and requires walking up a small staircase, giving it a vintage feel that represents Vietnamese culture. At this café, you can sit on the small balcony and admire the beautiful scenery of Hoan Kiem Lake while enjoying their coffee yogurt. Additionally, their egg coffee (also known as ca phe trung) is also loved by locals. Here, people enjoy drinking coffee and chatting at the same time.

Cafe Thai

Although in the Erzheng Fu County, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that it is very close to the Huanjian Lake. Cafe Thai is one of the coffee shops closest to the local coffee culture. It is located on the roadside, where you can taste coffee, eat sunflower seeds, and chat with friends. It is highly recommended to try their sua chua cacao (cocoa yogurt), which has a unique flavor and is very delicious.

Cafe Giang

Although this café is located in a small alley on the street and is quite hidden, requiring careful searching to find, many people still like to come and taste their coffee. This café is famous for its signature egg coffee, which has become their star product. Although this type of coffee can be found elsewhere, if you want to taste the most authentic egg coffee, I highly recommend this café.