The must-visit attractions in Shuanglang Ancient Town

Shuanglang, also known as Shuanglang Ancient Town, is located near Erhai Lake and Jiuzushan in Yunnan Province. It is a provincial-level historical and cultural famous town with many attractions worth visiting.

Yuji Island, also known as Yuji Island, is named after the Yuji Temple. It is one of the "Three Islands of Erhai Lake". The island has a well-preserved ancient Bai fishing village from the millennium, and there are attractions such as Yang Liping's private residence, Sun Palace and Moon Palace, ancient Banyan tree, Zhao's ancestral temple, Qinglu, and Yubo Pavilion.
It is a typical ancient village of the Bai ethnic group, relatively secluded and simple compared to Yujidao. There is a temple dedicated to the naval generals of the Nanzhao period, and many beautiful seaside inns here.

Red Mountain Emperor's Temple

Alias the Red Mountain Main Temple, enshrining the general of the Nanzhao period, known as the most distinctive main temple in the Erhai area.
It was built in the third year of the Guangxu reign of the Qing Dynasty, and was rebuilt during the Republic of China. It enshrines the god of literature and art, Kuixing, who is elegant and exquisite, and is rare around Erhai Lake.
As one of the "Erhai Three Islands", here contains the richest and purest Bai ethnic customs, gathering the cultural heritage of Dali for four thousand years and the charm of the royal capital for six hundred years, with attractions such as Guanyin Rhyme, Nanzhao Palace, Benzhu Square, and Taihu Stone.