The eight most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the perfect place to experience endless summer days in Southern California. We have gathered information on eight great beaches in Los Angeles, such as Malibu Beach and South Beach, to provide you with a reference for your trip.

Venice Beach brings travelers a non-stop carnival, known for street performers, bohemian residents, marijuana culture, and various shops. On Albert Kinney Boulevard, travelers can enjoy a unique shopping and dining experience. Along the wooden boardwalk of Venice, tourists can see magicians, street performers, fortune tellers, street musicians, missionaries, and "doctors" soliciting tourists to buy marijuana. However, when the sun is setting, we recommend that travelers leave the beach and wait in the car until it is safer to leave. It is not safe to eat near the beach at night because homeless people often beg or cause trouble, so please be careful of your own safety.
Santa Monica beach is not far away, but relatively sparsely populated and peaceful (which is why many celebrities prefer to vacation here). Manhattan Beach has larger waves, attracting many professional surf enthusiasts, but swimming should be done with caution. In addition, there are beach volleyball courts on the beach and many small shops nearby.

hermosa beach

Hermosa Beach, located on the southwest coast of Los Angeles, is a popular tourist destination due to its soft sandy beach and year-round warm climate. It is also one of the favorite beaches for single people in the United States, as it is easy to meet beautiful beach girls here and enjoy the gentle sunshine and sand with them.
Due to the negative news about Mel Gibson, Malibu, known for its low-key billionaires and hippies, exploded overnight. People were surprised to find that there were more movie stars, directors, and producers living here than in Beverly Hills. Here, there is no hustle and bustle of Santa Monica, no luxury of Manhattan Beach, no romance of Venice Beach. What people love most is the wildness and freedom here, as well as the seagulls, wild ducks, and egrets flying all over the sky, truly presenting the beauty and harmony of nature.

Alvardo Bullfighter Beach

El Matador State Beach is located along the Pacific Coast Highway, about 20 miles from Santa Monica. It is a beautiful and dreamy destination recommended by many travel experts. Unlike other beaches in Los Angeles, El Matador State Beach is hidden under rocky cliffs and has many caves and rocks of different sizes and shapes. With its secluded location and stunning white sand beach, this place is unparalleled in beauty, especially during sunset.

Leo Carrillo State Beach

Leo Carrillo Beach is located along the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, with a coastline stretching one mile long. It's a popular local leisure beach for Californians, with a relatively remote location that makes it less well-known but also gives visitors a rare chance to enjoy tranquility. Many different shaped large rocks stand along the beach, attracting numerous climbers to come and challenge themselves. They climb up to the top of the rocks along the beach, overlooking the vast and magnificent coastal scenery of California. There's a picnic area and a campsite here, making it a great place for families to come together for camping and fully appreciate this beautiful beach area.
Santa Monica is one of the famous beaches in Los Angeles, located in the southwest of its main city area. The beach here is three miles long and attracts a large number of tourists and local residents to enjoy the sun and waves all year round. In addition, the pier in Santa Monica is also a popular attraction in the area, with a small amusement park and local sea lions. It is also a filming location for many movies and TV shows. If you enjoy water sports, Santa Monica Beach can also meet your needs. In addition, the nearby Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica is also a nice shopping area that is within walking distance.

Caprillo Beach

Cabrillo Beach, located near San Pedro, is peaceful and loved by both locals and tourists for its perfect family-friendly atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy playing barefoot on the sandy beach with their children. The beach is located on a narrow peninsula near Point Fermin Park, one side facing the ocean waves and the other side facing the harbor beyond the breakwater. Depending on your preference for adventure or relaxation, you can choose either side for different activities. After enjoying the beach, head to the nearby Cabrillo Aquarium to enjoy interactive exhibits and other exciting activities.