Gansu Dingxi - Red Tour

When it comes to Dingxi, the first thing that comes to mind is its status as a "key town on the Silk Road". As a thousand-year-old city, Dingxi has a unique charm that is nurtured by its millennium-long history. Apart from the thousand-year-old heritage of the Lijia Longgong, there are also scenic spots as the "gateway to Gansu Province and Lanzhou". Today, Dingxi has become a place for people to enjoy leisure and exploration. The wetlands and grasslands of Langdu, with herds of cattle and sheep, the beautiful and dangerous Guqing Mountain, and the picturesque terraced fields of Dingxi are all unforgettable.

The Memorial Hall of the Minzhou Meeting of the Northwest Bureau of the CCP Central Committee

The "Mianzhou Conference" Memorial Hall of the Northwest Bureau of the Communist Party of China is a national AAA-level scenic spot. It is located in Sanlipo Village, Shili Town, 15 kilometers west of Min County. It is one of the 100 classic red tourism scenic spots in China.

Bangluo Town Conference Memorial Hall

The Central Political Bureau commemorates the conference at the Tǒngwèi Bǎngluó Meeting Memorial Hall, a National AAAA-rated scenic area and one of the top 100 red tourism attractions. In the memorial hall located in Bǎngluó Town of Tǒngwèi County, the great leader Mao Zedong recited the magnificent poem "Seven-character Quatrain on the Long March" for the first time, with a strong romantic sentiment and confidence in the revolution's victory.

Former site of the Bangluo Conference

Gansu Province cultural heritage protection unit, red tourism destination, patriotic education base. The Bangluo Conference officially decided and announced the strategic direction of the Russian Border Conference, that is, to establish a base near the Soviet Union border, and to place the starting point of the Red Army's Long March in northern Shaanxi, making northern Shaanxi the main base for leading the Chinese Revolution. The Bangluo Conference was the second important conference of strategic significance for the Red Army's Long March and the Chinese Revolution after the Zunyi Conference, and it has therefore made a lasting impact throughout history.

Location of the Salt Well Meeting of the Northwest Bureau of the CPC Central Committee

Address: Zhang County Yanjing West Street. The exhibition is located at Yanjing West Street in Zhang County. It was established in December 2012 and was formerly the Yanjing Conference Memorial Hall of the Red Army's Long March, which was established in April 2005. It has a building area of ​​60 square meters and exhibits 16 photos of Red Army leaders, 17 pictures, and 18 cultural relics. It mainly showcases the activities of the Red Army in Zhang County and the historical achievements of the Red Army's contribution during the Yanjing Conference, which is a reenactment of the great achievements of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries in the Red Army, praises the heroic spirit of the vast number of Red Army fighters, pays homage to the heroic deeds of revolutionary martyrs, and is a historical witness to the Red Army's passing through Zhang County during the Long March.

Dingxi Terraced Fields

Beautiful terraces not only belong to the south, but also to the amazing terraces in the Loess Plateau in northwest China. The Loess Plateau, known as the "Terrace Kingdom," has layers upon layers of terraces that stretch from the mountaintop to the valley bottom, resembling a tapestry of stairs. The colorful stone steps, built by the hard work and wisdom of the people in Dingxi, are a manifestation of their dreams and aspirations.