Unlocking Lesser-known Artistic Attractions in Lanzhou

Gansu Province is the only provincial capital city through which the Yellow River flows. It is a strategic fortress on the ancient Silk Road and has a long history and rich cultural heritage, as well as abundant tourism resources. Visitors can experience the charm of the flying horse and admire the Silk Road flower rain, or take a trip to the famous sand-swallowing geese on the banks of the Yellow River. It is also home to cultural publications such as the influential Chinese magazine "Reader" and the Dunhuang Art Museum which has been influencing Chinese people for over 30 years.

Now Lanzhou has a good place to experience the charm of Dunhuang culture up close. Dunhuang Art Museum is located in the urban area of Lanzhou, offering a multi-sensory cultural feast. (This exhibition is a regular public welfare exhibition of Dunhuang Academy, free to the public) The ancient and mysterious Dunhuang grotto art has been brought into this approximately 1300 square meter art exhibition hall. By breaking through the limits of time and space and combining advanced multimedia technology, visitors can travel through thousands of years and enter the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang.
Founded in 1981, Reader's Digest is a companion that grows up with us through words, a generation after generation of memories. For many Chinese people, it is a magazine that accompanies their growth, full of thoughts. This group company has influenced the cultural publications in China for over 30 years and is located next to the Dunhuang Research Institute. If you have time, you can also visit.

Lanzhou Yellow River Scenic Belt

The attractions formed by the Green Corridor along the Binhe Road in Lanzhou City include Zhongshan Bridge, Yellow River Mother Statue, Waterwheel Park, etc. With Zhongshan Bridge as the center on the central axis, the beautiful riverside scenic area along the Yellow River is surrounded by mountains and water, known as the "Lanzhou Bund" by visitors from north and south. There are also activities such as sheepskin rafting and yachting near Zhongshan Bridge. Riding on a sheepskin raft on the ancient Yellow River seems dangerous but is actually very stable.
There is a magnificent and imposing Arabian Islamic-style building called the Xiguan Mosque, which is located in the city center of Lanzhou. It was originally built on Xiguan Street in Lanzhou, now known as Linxia Road. The Xiguan Mosque in Lanzhou was constructed by Muslim merchants, also known as the "Guest Mosque". It is worth noting the dome of this mosque for architecture enthusiasts.

Popular alley

There are many famous old brands in Lanzhou, such as Mazilu Beef Noodles, Xiangmanlou, Junjie Lamb Pao Mo, and so on.