Do you know about these lesser-known attractions in Xinjiang?

Daxinjiang, Xinjiang, is definitely not just talk. In addition to the well-known attractions, there are many niche spots in Xinjiang. Today, let me take you to take a look.

Lake Saimaa

Lake Sairimu is rarely overdeveloped and maintains its original state very well. You can drive off-road to the heart of the Haixi Grassland, away from the crowds. It's also a great place for camping and stargazing in the summer. I recommend staying overnight in a Mongolian yurt in the Haixi Grassland to truly appreciate the beauty of Lake Sairimu.

Zhao Su grassland

Xinjiang only has one county, Zhousu, that has no deserts. Except for mountains, rivers, forests, and cultivated land, the entire region is grassland, with a total area of over 10,000 square kilometers, making it one of the four major grasslands. No wonder the indigenous people always take pride in saying, "Returning to Zhousu without seeing the grassland!" The Zhousu grassland is the largest rapeseed production area in Xinjiang. Every July, the rapeseed flowers and the fragrant purple perilla complement each other, making the Zhousu grassland a paradise of colors.

Ayikule Grassland

The Aiyikule Grassland, as an undeveloped virgin land, is located near Yining. It was exclusively explored by Xintu, the provider of our route. Only Xintu knows the exact location. Audiences can participate in Xintu's activities to learn about this grassland. I'll secretly tell you: besides the beautiful scenery, this undeveloped grassland also offers off-road routes, which is a blessing for self-driving enthusiasts.
The Tukai Desert is a young desert located in the southwest of Huocheng County, mainly composed of fixed and semi-fixed sand dunes, with some movement. In the hot summer, the landscape is filled with golden waves and scorching heat, while the nearby Ili River flows calmly, with lush trees along its banks and a picturesque view of snow-white, clear blue skies, green grass, and patches of yellow sand, making it a unique desert landscape in Ili.

Defense highway

From Yining City to Zhaosu, you have to pass through Andele Da Ban, take the national defense highway, and go straight into the mountains. After climbing 2000 meters in several tens of kilometers, you can see the Ili River Valley if you look back. It is warm in winter and cool in summer at the foot of the mountain. You can choose a viewpoint and a safe place to park to experience it firsthand.