Recommended four major outdoor hiking routes in Xinjiang. Outdoor enthusiasts, come and bookmark

Xinjiang seems to have endless charm, attracting countless outsiders to come and explore. In addition to the well-known attractions, there are also many hiking routes that are worth a visit. Let's take a look together today.

One-day hiking tour to the most beautiful Tianchi

After arriving at the entrance of the Tianchi scenic area in Tianshan Mountain, you can start hiking. Tianchi is surrounded by tall and neat spruce trees, resembling pagodas, standing proudly on the mountainside of Tianshan. Like guardians, they protect the clear and peaceful lake, reflecting the magnificent Bogda main peak in the distance. The snowy white, lush green, and straight cloud pines are mirrored in the clear Tianchi lake, creating a natural landscape of mountainous pine forest and serene lake. All of this can be best experienced by hiking.

Nalati Prairie light hiking tour

When we arrive in Yili, we must not miss the four major mountains, rivers, valleys, and grasslands. Nalati grassland is one of them. We can take a stroll on this vast grassland and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Gongnaisi River, with breathtaking mountain views along the way.

Ba Ha Ba - Kanas - Hemu Classic Hiking Tour

Baihaba-Kanas-Hemu is regarded as one of the top ten classic hiking routes in China. Along this route, you will encounter diverse landscapes including glaciers, plateaus lakes, mountain grasslands, as well as colorful birch and pine forests. You can also enjoy the leisurely time in Tuvan villages.

Buerjin hiking tour

The hike from Burqin to Bole is a must-do, with breathtaking natural scenery along the way. The Tori Ranch is a highlight of this scenic route.