Urumqi Food Guide, come and collect it

As the provincial capital, Urumqi naturally gathers the characteristic cuisine from various places in Xinjiang. Today, we will bring you a Urumqi food guide. Come and collect it.

Zhuo Ji rice noodles

What do ten girls from Xinjiang like to eat the most? Eight of them will tell you: Spicy stir-fried rice noodles! As for how delicious this food is, you have to come and unlock it yourself. The taste of Zhuoji rice noodles is very good, and they have always maintained a high level of quality.

Open Derui grabs rice

Naan, or "grab rice," is also a must-try delicacy in Xinjiang. The naan here has a very authentic flavor and is very popular among customers. Additionally, the grilled meat here is also quite good.

Spicy chicken from Chaiwo Bao

People who come to Xinjiang always have the delicious and authentic Dapanji on their minds. If you want to taste the authentic Dapanji, then Chuaiwobao Spicy Chicken is a great choice.

Forty-nine dumpling soup

Urumqi also has a delicious soup called "Wanzi Tang" that originated from Changji. It is made with beef bones, and includes beef slices, fried meatballs, vegetables, frozen tofu, and vermicelli. To try this dish, it is recommended to visit the restaurant "Forty-nine Wanzi Tang." They have many branches and the quality is also very good.

Lentil noodle flag

Flat pea noodle flag is a kind of noodle dish commonly eaten with soup or rice and is also a favorite among locals. The texture of the noodle is adorable, and those who like sour flavors can give it a try.

Milagie (Victory Road Store)

There are many choices for Xinjiang cuisine in Urumqi. Miraqi is highly recommended for its large portion and abundant meat.