How to spend a day on a trip around Urumqi? Find out in this article

If you only have one or two days, how should you arrange your time in Urumqi? Go to Yili? Or go to Kanas or Kashgar? Actually, there isn't enough time to visit all of these places. Today, let me recommend a few places in Urumqi where you can fully enjoy yourself!


It is one of the nearest 5A-level scenic spots to Urumqi and a must-visit attraction. It is also known as "Yaochi" and is set against the Tianshan Mountains that don't melt all year round. Surrounded by spruce trees, with crystal-clear waters and picturesque scenery, taking the cable car to the mountaintop and overlooking the beautiful Tianchi Lake is highly recommended. For a closer experience with Tianchi, I suggest taking a boat ride at your own expense, listening to the sound of flowing water, feeling the gentle breeze, and enjoying the peacefulness and healing power of Tianchi's scenery.

Turpan City

Turpan is an oasis city known for the Karez Well, one of the three ancient engineering marvels; it is famous for its large temperature difference between day and night and long daylight hours, making it a major grape producer; it gained fame through the story of Journey to the West, where Sun Wukong borrowed the Banana Fan to extinguish the Flame Mountain; the remote Kumtag Desert, which is in close proximity to the city, attracts people seeking sand therapy even in hot weather.

Nanshan Natural Scenic Area

Nanshan Scenic Area is both an excellent natural pasture and a natural attraction for summer retreat, recuperation, and sightseeing. Within Nanshan Pasture, there is the "Xibaigou Scenic Area" with rich Kazakh ethnic customs. Visitors can also take an electric car back and forth to the core scenic area, "Shenbulake Waterfall," breathe fresh air, stroll in the canyon forest, and feel tranquility and vastness. Enjoy the comfort and ease of being away from the city.

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Located in a natural scenic area with snow-capped mountains, forests, lakes, and grasslands, it is a sports and leisure base, an all-region fitness training base, a hiking base, and a mountain climbing training base for the whole region. It is 48 kilometers away from the city center. It is inclusive and features "the majesty of Mount Tai, the beauty of Mount Emei, the cleverness of the Yan Dang rocks, and the danger of Mount Hua". With two lakes, three waterfalls, four streams, and eighteen valleys, it presents a breathtaking landscape, especially renowned for its "peculiar pines, peculiar rocks, and sea of clouds". It has earned the reputation of "not looking at mountains after returning from the Five Sacred Mountains, always remembering the Grand Canyon", and "a hundred miles of golden tourism corridor, an outdoor leisure paradise".
Located in the prime area, Hongshan is both a symbol and landmark of Urumqi. It has retained its charm despite the city's development, gaining the love and care of Urumqi residents for generations. Surrounding residents often choose to relax and entertain here. "Hongshan at Sunset" is one of the most representative sceneries in Urumqi, a must-visit spot for tourists. Standing on the observation deck or riding the Ferris wheel near the mountaintop, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Urumqi and visit the Grand Buddha Temple for blessings. Additionally, the only apricot tree in Urumqi also grows here.