To truly experience Urumqi, you must try these! Recommended must-try delicacies in Urumqi

When mentioning Xinjiang, people's first thought is usually about its landscapes. However, besides the scenery, the local cuisine is also very attractive. As the capital of Xinjiang, Urumqi has many must-try delicacies. Let's take a look at them today.

A flag catches rice in Xiaoximen branch

Dapanji is a must-eat delicacy when you come to Xinjiang. The fragrant rice and carrots, combined with the rich aroma of lamb, give it a delicious taste and appealing color. Dapanji also contains raisins and a variety of dried fruits, making it not greasy to eat. Yi Gan Qi has many branches in Xinjiang, ensuring its quality.

Ah Zhen Flavor Rice Noodles Main Store

Speaking of Xinjiang cuisine, I have to mention fried rice noodles. Many people from other provinces know the name of this delicious food, and there are indeed many rice noodle shops in Urumqi. Ah Zhen's Taste is one of the famous ones.

Red Mountain Rolled Noodles Main Store

Liangpi is a delicious food that people in Xinjiang eat from childhood to adulthood. Urumqi gathers various cities' special liangpi, which has its unique soup and is spicy and fragrant. In the hot summer, many people's favorite thing is to have liangpi for lunch, order some grilled meat, drink a bottle of Wusu beer, and that day is simply wonderful. Hongshan Ganzimianpi is a well-known shop in Urumqi. If you want to eat liangpi, this is the right place.

Kaisa roasted buns

Kao baozi has always been a beloved food in the eyes of people in Xinjiang. It has a bright yellow color, crispy skin, tender meat, a fresh and fragrant taste, and is sometimes topped with onions, making it rich but not greasy. The most famous place for kao baozi in Urumqi is Qifang Street in the Shuimogou district, and one popular spot is Kaisar Kao Baozi. However, they close at 4 pm, so those who want to eat there should go early.

Blood Station's famous Braised Chicken in Big Pot, Second Branch

The big plate chicken can be said to be the gourmet logo of Xinjiang, and there are too many delicious big plate chicken restaurants in Urumqi, each with its own merits. When you arrive in Urumqi for the first time, you can try the Xuezhan big plate chicken, the taste is really good.