Coffee shops in New York City

Americans' love for coffee is evident everywhere, even in their restrooms, where you can find paper coffee cups. It's common for people to start their workday with a cup of coffee in hand. That's why there are numerous coffee chains in the United States. In New York, besides Starbucks, there are also many other excellent coffee shops where you can enjoy delicious breakfast foods like bagels, sandwiches, pancakes, and, of course, predominantly American-style coffee.

The Grey Dog coffee

This cafe is located in the Manhattan area and has a wide selection of breakfast, salad, sandwich, and dessert options. It is located near Central Park and the prices are also reasonable.

Veniero's Pastry

A great place for desserts. They offer a variety of baked goods such as bread, cakes, and ice cream, covering most sweet categories. The warm yellow lighting makes for a comfortable environment. Prices are not expensive and it's usually crowded.


This store is famous for its cheap and delicious breakfast. The store is small and gets busy during working hours.


Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop is a very popular sandwich shop in New York. Their specialty is the egg cream, which is a peculiar beverage that you should definitely try.
If you want to enjoy a quiet morning or afternoon, this place is perfect. The restaurant is very quiet. The popular food in this restaurant is chocolate chip cookies.
Here you can taste all kinds of baked snacks and bread.


This shop's specialty is doughnuts, which come filled with various ingredients and offer many options such as cheese and sandwiches.

Lucid Cafe

Lucid Cafe is a coffee shop located in the downtown east area with very rich coffee and ice cream as its best-selling product at a reasonable price.

Gregory's Coffee

A chain coffee shop, whose young owner has a good reputation in the coffee industry. The coffee has a thick and rich taste, and is delicate.