Yinchuan's featured farms and tourist attractions' new guide

Are there any less crowded and fun places in Yinchuan? In fact, Yinchuan has many unique farms where you can relax and enjoy.

Helo Lu Manor

At Helu Manor at the foot of Mount Helan, you can pick fresh fruits or enjoy a plate of flavorful free-range chicken with a unique taste. It is an independent quadrangle courtyard, equipped with elegant rooms, guest rooms, a chess room, and a lounge. In addition, there are fitness and entertainment facilities. The manor, filled with the sounds of birds and the fragrance of flowers, is a perfect place for friends to gather or relax and enjoy the warm spring in the countryside.

Phoenix Flower Valley

Different from other rural tourist spots, what sets this place apart is that young people prefer it more. The overall style gives a sense of returning to nature, and as soon as you enter, you can't help but relax. So, strictly speaking, it's more like a large park. In a large fruit orchard, people can pick their favorite fruits on the spot and weigh them according to the amount they picked. There are also entertainment activities such as yachting and handicrafts. The portions of the dishes are also quite generous, and the finished products are served in large plates. In the evening, when staying in personalized guest rooms, a slow-paced life is the essence of living. Everything here caters to your needs. Life is not just about constantly striving and being busy, but also about another touching way.

Penghuwan Raspberry Ecological Zone

This place is difficult to find, but the environment is quiet and comfortable. The yard is not big, giving a feeling of "paradise on earth". The transportation here is very convenient, not far away, like a garden that can relax people. There are several pavilions of different sizes, and the tea pavilion is by the lake. The dishes at his home are not numerous, nor are there any rare delicacies, but they are relatively fresh and have an authentic taste, making it suitable for leisurely fishing. The decoration style of the house is warm and comfortable, coming here feels like coming home, and people who come to eat can have a private space to chat, very suitable for family gatherings. Sitting by the window, drinking tea, reading, and taking a nap is very comfortable.

Rural farmhouse fun by the roadside

After more than ten years of cultivation, the courtyard has become a secret garden. From outside the gate, you would think it's just an ordinary courtyard. But when you step into the woods, you'll find figs, goji berries, pears, apples, plums, plums, grapes, melons, and vegetables in the garden that you can freely pick. The aim is to let more guests taste its deliciousness, not for sale. You can bring your own ingredients, enjoy BBQ in the oven, or go fishing in the wild ditch at the door, but you need to bring your own fishing rod equipment. Of course, there is also a place to rest. Although you can play Mahjong inside to relax, it's still not recommended. It is suggested that after drinking, everyone go for a walk on the terrace. With the breeze blowing, you can see the lush jujube trees and rice fields at a glance. This is the correct way to enjoy here.

Wuduqiao Farm

It is a well-known leisure place around Yinchuan. It mainly includes folk food area, flower and plant viewing area, seasonal vegetable and fruit planting area, leisure and entertainment fishing area, children's beach entertainment area, field expedition area, and self-produced agricultural products area. The decoration here is in the rural style, with rural kang beds and rural greenhouses. As soon as you enter the door, you can feel the strong atmosphere of the rural courtyard. The private rooms are also distinctive, with each room designed in a retro red era style. The dishes are relatively homely rural dishes, but they are all delicious.

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