Translate to English: "I want to eat beef and mutton in Yinchuan, go to these three places."

Due to the large number of Hui people in Ningxia, there are also many delicious halal foods. There are many beef and mutton dishes. Let me introduce three of them, you won't go wrong if you visit them.

Roasted lamb at the Hongliuzhi Beach

Red willow skewered meat costs 68 yuan per kilogram or 10 skewers. The taste is excellent. Other skewers are also authentic and the portion size is generous. Highly recommended.

Lao Mao's skillful hands

Recommended local restaurant with excellent hand-pulled meat and delicious lamb dumplings, hot and fluffy with pure meat fillings.

Aye Ye Yang Offal

This shop ranks first in the local lamb offal category, so you can imagine the taste is very good. The shop stays open until 2:00 am, and it is definitely worth trying.