London's famous and highly-rated afternoon tea restaurants

It's well known that the British love tea, and they have elevated the simple act of drinking tea into a social and cultural experience. When it comes to tea drinking in the UK, the atmosphere is important, and there are also a variety of exquisite snacks to enjoy.

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum and Mason is said to have royal connections and the label of "favored by the Queen" speaks volumes. Their scones and sandwiches are recommended, especially when paired with rose tea.

Ladur e e

Ladurée is the founder of macarons. It is a pastry shop from France. In addition to 17 different flavors of macarons, their strawberry napoleon, strawberry pie, and éclairs are also good choices for afternoon tea. As for tea, various flower teas are recommended.
Patisserie Valerie is a long-standing cake shop, with "1926" written on its store logo. Although they specialize in desserts, wherever there are desserts, there is tea. There are not many seats in the shop, which is slightly crowded, but the desserts are delicious, especially the cream puffs and strawberry black forest cake.
Ritz, whether it's the decor, tea sets, snacks, or service, is exquisitely crafted. Stepping into Ritz immediately transforms patrons into nobility. The hotel also has a dress code for guests, as only formal attire is allowed inside.

High Tea Of Highgate

Cute! The small house is equipped with small teapots, small decorations and small tea snacks (which can of course fully satisfy your appetite). This shop gives people a feeling of comfort as if they were lying in their grandmother's house. In addition to the tea snacks, it also sells its own cute tea sets, aprons, tablecloths, and so on.

Bea's of Bloomsbury - Farringdon

The Bea family insists on serving the most original afternoon tea without any fancy decorations, extravagant atmosphere or anything like that. After all, the guests who come here only have the simplest demand - to have a cup of tea, eat some snacks, and spend a leisurely afternoon.


Lanka specializes in French pastries and Ceylon tea, but some say it is a fusion of Britain, France, Japan, and Sri Lanka. In this magical shop, the tea cakes come in two types: one is traditional European pastries such as pies and cheesecakes, while the other has a Japanese flavor, such as matcha cake and sesame cake.

Prt-_-Portea: Afternoon Tea at The Berkeley

Prêt-à-Portea is probably the most fashionable afternoon tea in the world! In the Berkeley, a luxury hotel in London, the afternoon tea is so beautifully prepared that it is almost like a "decoration", making it a shame to even eat it!