Tour around the surrounding area of Ruzhou and enjoy the scenic beauty of Jiufeng Mountain

Located in the southwest of Ruzhou City, Henan Province, it is said that the nine daughters of the Jade Emperor, captivated by the beauty of the mortal world, transformed into nine peaks in a dream, hence the name Jiufengshan (Nine Peaks Mountain). During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, the main peak of Jiufengshan, Dazhai, was rebuilt (with an elevation of 897 meters), and a remaining tablet reads: "A hundred miles southwest of Ruzhou, a hundred miles west of Lu, there is a mountain named Jiufeng, which draws other majestic and beautiful mountains together." It can be seen that since ancient times, this place has been a destination for seeking tranquility, conducting rituals, and praying for blessings.

Jiunv Gorge

Enter Jiunv Canyon, appreciate the magic of nature and the exquisite craftsmanship, experience the bird-like chirping, get away from the noise of the city, and visit the Jade Emperor Temple after reaching the summit for Buddhist blessings.

Lover's Valley

In the Valley of Lovers, there is a mythological love story of the White Dragon and the Lotus Flower. The babbling water in the mountain gorge nurtures lush flowers and plants on both sides, and the clear creek is as translucent as a mirror.

Rainbow Slide & Family amusement park

Take a direct flight to the Lover's Lake Dam, walk down from the dam mouth, there is a parent-child amusement park with a colorful slide, where adults can also take a rest. This is the children's paradise! Various entertainment facilities, thrilling colorful slides. Every child would definitely want to experience them.