Top 10 Must-Visit Attractions in Jiaozuo (Part 2)

How many must-visit attractions are there in Jiaozuo? Based on the level of scenic spots and the popularity of tourism, Zuzuche recommends the top ten attractions for you.

The main attractions of Jiayingguan include the Yubei Pavilion, the Yandian Hall, the Dawang Hall, the Gongyi Pavilion, and the Shunwang Pavilion, which are composed of multiple scenic spots, divided into two courtyards, and the east and west cross-courtyards. It is a group of Qing Dynasty buildings that imitate the three-in-one official, temple, and yamen buildings of the Forbidden City.
Jiaozuo Film and TV City is located in Jiaozuo City, northwest part of Henan Province, one of the excellent tourist cities in China. It is 1 kilometer away from the city center of Jiaozuo, with the Taihang Mountains to the north and the Yellow River to the south. It has a superior geographical location and is one of the top ten scenic spots in Jiaozuo City. Jiaozuo Film and TV City is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction and a famous film and TV base in China. It is one of the "Top Ten Film and TV Cities in China" and the first batch of nine national film and TV shooting bases. It is highly recommended to visit.

Jiaozuo Forest Park

It is the largest forest green space in the urban area of Jiaozuo. It is a true "green lung" of the city with lush trees and green lawns. The Bai Niao Yuan, covering an area of 42 mu, is the largest bird park in China.

Sun Moon Lake Water and Mountain Paradise

Water surfing, swimming pools, water amusement parks, antique-style boats, speedboats, and waterfront restaurants are fashionable recreational activities in Sun Moon Lake. With water surrounding it on three sides, the environment is peaceful and charming. Sun Moon Lake offers complete tourism facilities and is a perfect destination for conferences, training, vacations, and lake sightseeing.

Jiaozuo Guai Po Park

Jiaozuo Guai Po Yuan is a brand-new tourism model in China that combines natural mysteries, incredible technological wonders, and intriguing puzzle games. It is an ideal place for adults to relax and entertain, and also serves as an outdoor classroom for teenagers to practice hands-on skills, activate their minds, and foster innovative spirits. The sliding slope phenomenon, characterized by water flowing uphill, balls rolling uphill, and vehicles automatically sliding towards the sliding slope, is an abnormal natural occurrence. There are various explanations for this phenomenon, including "magnetic field effect," "parallax," and "four-dimensional crossing," suggesting variations in gravitational fields. The real cause awaits your participation in the investigation.