Shanghai - Family-friendly attractions for parents and children (Theme Park Edition)

Do you have the ability to fulfill the simple wishes of children to play and crave for freedom during the holidays? Take them to the following Shanghai amusement parks to relax during the holidays and have fun with children.

Every child loves Disney! It is a magical world that they have never seen before, shining with strange dreams in their hearts. This is Shanghai Disneyland, where both the elderly and children can experience the fun of creativity, adventure, and excitement! Looking at the world's largest fairy tale castle - the world's largest Disneyland castle, you will find these seven distinctive and magical themed areas: Mickey Avenue, Gardens of Imagination, Fantasyland, Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove, Tomorrowland, and the Toy Story Land themed area of Pixar.
18 large amusement facilities imported from Japan, Jinjiang Amusement Park allows children to choose their favorite recreational projects and participate in them, gaining happiness in thrilling atmosphere and exercising their courage and intelligence.
The "Pirate Ship," "Happy Water Factory," "Forest Hut Exploration," and "Little Dinosaur Slide," specially designed for children, are all very interesting. The risk level is within the range that children can bear. In addition, there are also projects suitable for young people to play, where adults can also find their inner child.
There are ecological landscapes and entertainment facilities here, where children can freely play in nature. This is also a large camp for extracurricular activities for Shanghai youth, such as children's challenge parks, roads of the brave, etc., which test children's courage. Even if you don't play these projects, it's good to simply take the children to do outdoor activities with a broad vision.
Happy Valley is a large theme park that is very suitable for family trips. Adults can experience thrilling rides like roller coasters, while children can have fun in the Ant Castle and enjoy a visual feast with 4D movies. In addition, there are also large-scale circus performances, float parades, and major festivals such as the Maya Carnival and International Magic Festival. It is believed that both children and adults will enjoy it!