Xinhua Road - Exotic Everyday Life

In modern Shanghai history, Xinhua Road has always been a relatively high-end residential area, with villas and mansions on both sides of the street. The road is not long, with tall plane trees on both sides, and the sunlight shines through the gaps in the leaves, creating a very peaceful atmosphere. There are ninety-three Meiquan villas, one hundred and sixty Shanghai cinemas, and three hundred and twenty-nine foreign-style buildings. The small shops and cafes along the street are suitable for a fresh and clean atmosphere. It is a good choice to come here and take a stroll.

No. 211 Lane, Xinhua Road and No. 329 Lane, Xinhua Road

"Foreign Lane" Xinhua Villa, two lanes are connected to each other, forming a neat horseshoe shape, which is quite distinctive.

329 Xinhua Road, Lane 36

"Cake House", also known as Double Round House, is named for its shape resembling a cake. It was designed by Gaudí and was once the residence of the Spanish ambassador.

165 Xinhua Road, M2F: Coffee House

The shop faces Shanghai Cinema and is close to the stunning German-style garden villa. Although the door of the convenience store is not big, the coffee here has been praised by professionals. It is perfect to have a cup of coffee for leisure after watching a movie with a few friends.

iliili - a coffee shop with blooming flowers

This forest-themed café hidden in the depths of the alley is filled with various flowers, complemented by rustic decor and a specially built sunroom, perfect for lazy afternoons and tea time with friends.