A list of popular snack shops in Beijing, let's see how many you know

Beijing snacks are what Beijing people eat on a daily basis. So, where can you find so many delicious and affordable snacks? Here, we will list popular snack shops in Beijing for everyone.

Baiji Rice Cake

It can be said that it is the most popular snack shop in Beijing, no doubt. The rice cakes, rolled donkey, and pea pudding here are all top-notch.

Man Heng Ji hot pot

This restaurant can be said to be one of the longest waiting time restaurants in Beijing. The food here is affordable and delicious, it is a must-try restaurant.

Yin's three bean juice

Beijing Douzhi is the best, with reasonable prices. They only open until 12:30 noon, so come early if you want to eat.

Jingmen explode three

Environment matters, but taste matters more. The halal hot pot, barbecue, beef noodles here are all excellent.

Jinfang Snack Shop

This is a snack shop that is widely recognized by elderly people. Douzhi, fried cakes, noodle tea, and yuanxiao are all great.