Mischievous kids are not interested in Vienna? They must not have been to these places!

Children are not interested in Vienna's long history? No problem, there are various theme parks and activities here to get bored children moving right away.

From traditional carousels to ghost trains to state-of-the-art facilities, Vienna Park's over 250 attractions bring fun and thrills to the whole family. The beloved Ferris wheel is one of Vienna's most iconic symbols.
The Meiquan Palace Zoo is the oldest existing zoo in the world and the only surviving "Baroque-style" zoo. It houses over 500 species of animals and features a 170-meter long experiential pathway composed of tree-lined pathways with fire salamander climbing walls and spider webs, which is the most surprising.

Danube Island amusement park

Bohemian Park, with its 150-year history, offers a variety of amusement rides, including a carousel, a children's race track, a mini golf course, and a small Ferris wheel, welcoming visitors.

Vienna summer sledding slopes

850-meter track provides a special experience: There are a total of 25 modern sleds here, which can slide at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. With 14 curved tracks and an "experience jump" track, it brings a lot of fun.

Family Fun

Indoor amusement park is waiting for lively children to play: inflatable castle, large slide, climbing wall, soft mountain, 9 trampolines, bungee trampoline, maze, bull riding, mini go-kart, children's area, maze and movie room, with a lounge and dining area for parents.