Free attractions you must not miss when visiting Beijing

Beijing is a charming place, with trendy bar streets and bustling commercial districts, as well as small alleyways and old tea houses. This interesting city also has some must-visit free attractions, let's take a look together.

Located south of Chang'an Avenue, on the traditional central axis of Beijing, is the world's largest square - Tiananmen Square. In the center of the square stands the Monument to the People's Heroes. Passing through Chairman Mao Memorial Hall leads to Zhengyangmen, also known as Qianmen. The Great Hall of the People is located to the west of the square, and the National Museum is located to the east. Facing the square, to the north of Chang'an Avenue, is Tiananmen Gate Tower, with the shimmering Jinshui River below. Every morning and evening, Tiananmen Square hosts grand and solemn flag raising and lowering ceremonies, which are a must-see for those who have just arrived in Beijing. The Monument to the People's Heroes, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, and the National Museum on the east side of Tiananmen Square are all free to visit.


Shichahai is not only beautiful in landscape, but also rich in cultural atmosphere. Yinding Bridge, Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street, Nanluoguxiang, Lotus Market, Huguo Temple snacks, and Bar Street are all here. People who miss old Beijing love it here. It has the most authentic Beijing flavor. Previously, high-ranking officials and nobles lived here, so the siheyuan and hutongs here are well preserved. Lotus Market continues north, and when you reach Yinding Bridge, it becomes Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street. Shichahai continues north, and to the east is Drum Tower. Further east is Nanluoguxiang. You can spend half a day strolling here. In the summer evenings, you can enjoy the coolness. In winter, you can have fun on the real ice at Shichahai. Each area of Shichahai can be enjoyed for half a day to a day.

798 Art Zone

Whether you are a hipster or not, you can come here to show off your artistic side. Art enthusiasts should especially visit this place to experience the artistic atmosphere. It is a transformed old factory that showcases various art forms and cutting-edge art from around the world. There are exhibitions on painting, creativity, fashion, photography, sculpture, coffee, bars, graffiti, various shops, and performance art. In addition, there are occasional events and art exhibitions. To see what kind of exhibitions and activities are happening, it is recommended to observe and take photos. It is suitable for artistic photography with different styles and a touch of sophistication. It's a place for the artsy youth!

Beijing Olympic Park

Bird's Nest is the most representative, Water Cube (admission ticket required), followed by the Olympic Forest Park, Sunken Garden, which has 7 courtyards mainly based on Chinese elements, fully demonstrating China's historical and modern cultural heritage. To the east is the Science and Technology Museum (admission ticket required), suitable for parent-child and family visits!