Famous handmade gelato shops in Rome, Italy

How can you not taste one of Italy's most famous symbols - traditional handmade gelato - when you come to Italy? Gelato means "frozen" in Italian, which is equivalent to "frozen" in English. Although it refers to all ice cream in general, if you say Gelato, it specifically refers to Italian-style handmade ice cream. Gelato is made purely by hand, with a higher milk content, which means that taste buds can concentrate more on various flavors without the need to add more sugar to stimulate taste buds like regular ice cream. Less sugar also means lower calories and fat, making it less burdensome to eat.


The yogurt-flavored Gelato that Hepburn held in her hands was produced by this Rome Gelato shop. It is said that Giolitti, located near the Pantheon in Rome, has been loved by popes throughout history. It was rated as Rome's number one Gelato shop by professional magazines, born in 1890, a dairy shop that supplied nobles before starting Gelato production in 1900. The shop is decorated in a classical style, and in order to maintain its old image, the menu has always remained traditional.

FASSI 1880

Every time I pass through a city, I always make a stop at the ice cream shop there. Obviously, FASSI 1880 in Rome is a very classic shop. They have a variety of flavors to choose from, and each one is so tempting. After you make your selection, the server will add a layer of cream on top, which is really wonderful. In addition, the servers here are all very friendly, making it a great ice cream shop. The best ice cream here is definitely "Riso" (rice-flavored ice cream) and "La Caterinetta" (a mixture of honey and vanilla).


Winner of the 2013 Excellence Award, this shop specializes in various flavors of ice cream. It is a traditional old-fashioned store with a history of over a century, and it is an international chain brand with over 50 branch stores. The ice cream flavors vary according to the season, with the use of seasonal fruits, resulting in incredible taste.


Located near the Trevi Fountain and quiet, the Italian ice cream here is highly recommended by local Romans. You can try seasonal fruit sorbet as well as whisky flavored ice cream. Many tourists choose to take photos with the Trevi Fountain while enjoying their ice cream.
Just a few steps away from the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods, there are over 150 flavors of ice cream at reasonable prices. The most unique one is soy milk ice cream.


An ice cream shop outside the Vatican! From the Vatican, you can see a long line. The specialty is fruit-flavored ice cream, with fruit mixed in the ice cream, which is absolutely amazing and worth recommending. And the portion is large enough!

Pompi Tiramis

If you want me to recommend a must-try Gelato store in Italy, my top pick is definitely POMPI in Rome! POMPI is most famous for their "Tiramisu", but they also offer various flavors of ice cream. I especially recommend their Pistacchio flavor, with its rich nutty taste that's not too sweet or heavy, and also has added pistachio pieces for texture.

Gelateria La Romana

The decoration of this ice cream shop is very fresh and clean, mainly white. The area for serving ice cream and making desserts are clearly visible. In addition to ice cream, the shop also offers various desserts, tea, and cute biscuits in lovely jars. Many Italians come to enjoy afternoon tea here. Compared to other ice cream shops, the atmosphere is warmer and more sophisticated. Most importantly, the price is very reasonable and the ice cream is delicious!
A popular ice cream shop in Rome, owned by an enthusiastic young man, has been rated as "Rome's Best Ice Cream Shop" on major travel websites. The ice cream shop is located very close to the Vatican City, just a few steps away from St. Peter's Square. In addition to more than 10 flavors of ice cream, you can also enjoy pancakes, fresh fruit, milkshakes, and other desserts here.


Two flavors that are highly recommended to try are the Riso rice flavor and the Pistacchio pistachio flavor, which are absolutely the best here! The owner is very enthusiastic and gave me the most generous serving of ice cream that I've ever had from any ice cream shop.