Changsha, a place where people drink non-stop

When I was in Shenzhen, the popular milk tea shop Heytea in Coastal City always had long queues. I really liked their cheese tea. Although Changsha doesn't have an authentic Heytea shop, as the foodie city, we can't be without delicious drinks.

Happy Tea Color

At first, I was attracted by their tea cups, which are very impressive. Combined with the evolving interior design, it looks very unique. Then I fell in love with their tea, especially the Oolong and Jasmine Latte. Highly recommended to everyone.

Mamacha (Jiefang West Store)

As a new internet celebrity, Mama Cha's popularity in Changsha is on par with Chatime. Compared to Chatime, Mama Cha's store locations are more carefully selected, not widely distributed, but each store is very beautiful, with an Instagram style, simple and with a touch of design sense, especially their flagship store on Jiefang West Road, which is made of transparent glass and exudes a strong Scandinavian style, naturally becoming the focus of passing customers.


Yeah! My friend dragged me and said, just drank so much fattening milk tea, let's switch to fruit tea, do you want to have some fruit tea later?! What? I didn't understand at that time... Until I had my fruit tea, I understood the meaning of this sentence... It's really a super-sized cup, even bigger than my face! But having a cup of fruit tea is really flavorful~ highly recommended~ especially when watching a movie, maybe you will finish the fruit in the tea before finishing the whole tea~~

105 Single Malt Whisky Club Bar

As for Qingba, the first thing that comes to mind may be Hualongchi Qingba through conditioned reflex. Yes, there are many Qingba there, and I recommend a Qingba called "105" located underneath the Ferris wheel, one of the landmarks in Changsha. Get off at Houjia station of the subway and walk towards the Ferris wheel direction, you can find it in about 10 minutes.

Hollywood whiskey

Visited the Clear Bar - Hollywood Air Whiskey Bar with friends that evening. It is advisable to make a reservation in advance, otherwise it may be difficult to find a seat. It is located upstairs from Wanda Plaza next to Chaozong Royal Garden, with a few tables by the river for a nice view. A comfortable place for chatting with friends. Address: Room 3212, Building A, Chaozong Royal Garden, Xiangjiang Middle Road.

Birdsong and floral fragrance, about Natalia

Speaking of Hollywood, we have to mention the beautiful landscape of birds singing and flowers blooming. The fourth floor of Changsha Hisense Plaza leads to this mysterious place with the eye-catching phrase "birds singing and flowers blooming" at the entrance. Walking in, one can find a unique scenery. This should be the most beautiful cocktail art museum in Changsha, with a great atmosphere, excellent lighting, and Southeast Asian-style decorations.

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