Must-visit popular tourist attractions in Changsha, experience the beauty of Xiangfu

As an ancient city of Chu and Han, Changsha is known as the "hometown of Qu and Jia" due to the influence of Qu Yuan and Jia Yi. Today, it is a revolutionary holy land, with places like Orange Island, Yuelu Academy, and Aiwan Pavilion leaving behind the revolutionary footsteps of the Chinese leader Mao Zedong. Changsha embraces the beauty of both ancient and modern times, like a poem and a painting. It can embrace the charm of Yuelu Mountain and the elegance of Xiang River; it can find the uniqueness of Moon Island and admire the magnificence of Tiantiange Pavilion; it can stand on the head of Orange Island and indulge in poetic recitations, and appreciate the nostalgia of Jia Yi's former residence.

Located in Yueyangshan Scenic Area, Changsha City, Hunan Province, with an altitude of 300.8 meters and an area of 35.20 square kilometers, it is one of the four major maple viewing spots in China. It is the last peak among the 72 peaks in the Nanyue Hengshan Scenic Area and is located within the Orange Island Scenic Area. It is a mountainous scenic area in the city. According to geological data, Yueyangshan was formed in the Paleozoic era, developed in the Mesozoic era, and is over 300 million years old.
Located in the Qingfeng Gorge at the foot of Yuelu Mountain in Changsha City, Hunan Province, the "Aiwan Pavilion" is known as one of the "Four Famous Pavilions in China" along with Taoran Pavilion, Huxin Pavilion, and Drunken Old Man's Pavilion. It is a cultural relic protection unit in Hunan Province. The pavilion has a double-eaved octagonal shape with glazed green tiles and flying corners, resembling a floating palace when viewed from a distance. The interior features red garden columns, and the outer canopy is made of granite. The pavilion's ceiling is painted with seaweed patterns, and there are red lacquered gold letters of "Aiwan Pavilion" hanging on the window frames, which were made according to Chairman Mao's handwriting by Li Da, the former president of Hunan University, who wrote a letter to Chairman Mao. In November, when the maple leaves turn red, the Aiwan Pavilion always becomes one of the popular tourist spots on Douyin (TikTok).

Orange Island

When it comes to Orange Isle, it is a good place for family leisure during the day and a good place for walking and exercising in the evening. It is approximately 8 kilometers to walk around Orange Isle starting from the Orange Isle subway station. The scenic area is free, but the internal shuttle train requires a fee of 20 yuan/person for one-way. If you are not in good physical condition, you can buy a ticket and queue for the shuttle bus.
In the past, people in Changsha liked to take the subway to Xiangjiang Middle Road Station after dinner, then stroll along the riverside scenic area, where they could see a magnificent building called Du Fu Jiang Ge. Du Fu Jiang Ge is an ancient-style garden built to commemorate the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. Located on the West Lake Bridge in the Hedong district of Changsha, Du Fu Jiang Ge is situated at the intersection of Xiangjiang Road and West Lake Road, overlooking the Xiangjiang River. It is part of the Xiangjiang scenic area, facing Orange Island and Yuelu Mountain across the river, less than one kilometer from Tianxin Pavilion. Admission tickets are required to climb the tower of Du Fu Jiang Ge. Interested people can go up and take pictures of Orange Island and Yuelu Mountain.
Tianxin Pavilion is a city gate tower on the ancient city wall at the intersection of Chengnan Road and Tianxin Road in Changsha. It was built in the late Ming Dynasty and rebuilt by Fujun Yang Xi in the 11th year of the Qianlong

Changsha International Financial Center

Talking about the business district, let's mention the newly opened Changsha International Financial Center (IFS) on May 7, 2018, also known as "K11". It is currently a landmark in Changsha. On the 7th floor, there is the largest KAWS sculpture observation platform in the Greater China area. You can see it near the May 1st Square. Inside, there are numerous luxury brands and good shopping and dining options. There is also an ice skating rink on the basement floor two.