Check-in at a popular café in Changsha

In Changsha, don't just think of Starbucks and Costa when it comes to drinking coffee. Actually, there are many local small coffee shops here. Here are some characteristic coffee shops that are worth visiting. It's also a good choice to meet with friends, eat, drink, and chat.

Take time for coffee

The overall environment of the café is very good, truly a peaceful oasis in the hustle and bustle of city life. The café is surrounded by tables and lots of green plants, so you don't have to worry about being disturbed by the surrounding vehicles and crowds. On sunny days, it is a great pleasure to sit outside the shop and have a cup of hot tea or coffee with friends or business partners. The café has two floors, similar in design to a garden villa, and if it gets crowded, you can choose to sit upstairs. The staff are friendly and the service is good. If you have any questions, you can ask the staff. If you come to Changsha and like quieter cafes, you can choose to come here and you might even bump into me sitting in a corner daydreaming.

Little Park

Since Changsha has become more and more popular, it's always crowded during holidays. This restaurant, mentioned above, is located in a hidden gem called Mayuan Bay Alley, away from popular places like Wuyi Square. Despite its small size and lack of street frontage, it is still a popular destination. Why? Because the interior decoration has a Korean style, and it's perfect for taking photos. If you're lucky, you might even find an available table to sit and enjoy coffee and a chat with friends.

It's coffee

The boss is a thoughtful person. He looks very relaxed in the photos. The storefront is not very spacious in the apartment, but it is quiet enough. It's completely okay to have a small gathering and chat with a few friends, or lazily sunbathe alone, or read a book seriously.

Why not do it with pleasure?

Simple and fresh artistic style, warm-toned lighting, carefully placed decorations and ornaments. The most important thing is the eight words on the wall that represent true love, a great place for trendy people to check in. There is a small courtyard outside, a great choice to sit in the yard and have a cup of coffee and chat with friends when it's not hot. There is also a clothing area in the store, seems like handmade crafts can be made. The coffee in the store is hand-dripped. Four of us ordered three single-origin coffees with different flavors and one glass of peach blossom wine. The taste is good. Since we had lunch already, we didn't order main dishes, but the sweet potato fries were good.

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