The top 8 popular restaurants in Changsha, come and taste them

Changsha, this city has now almost become a first-tier city. This city has a very unique aspect in every aspect, especially in food.

Fire Palace (Headquarters)

Speaking of Changsha cuisine, the most commonly asked by visitors is "Huogong (Fire Palace)" because of its popularity and frequent appearances on TV. However, as a local, I and my friends rarely go there to eat. Here are some photos, I don't remember which year they were taken. If you are new to Changsha, you can still visit Huogong to experience it.

Wenheyou restaurant specializes in Changsha-style crayfish

Wenheyou Lao Changsha Lobster Restaurant is a newly popular and highly frequented super internet-famous lobster restaurant in Changsha. There are two branches near Wuyi Square, one next to Renmin Road and Huolongchi Qing Ba Street, and the other in Hisense Plaza, which opened in 2018 with a unique Changsha old style! In addition to the delicious lobster, they also offer grilled meat, fried dishes, stir-fried vegetables, and more. Average spending per person is around 150 yuan or more.

A lamp restaurant

A lamp has three shops in Changsha, and I have visited the Ant Workshop shop. The environment is average, and there is often a long queue during peak hours. However, because the food is served quickly, the turnover rate of diners is also relatively fast. It is recommended to go early to avoid queuing for a long time. Their dishes are famous for being spicy. Silk gourd soup, duck tendon, rice tofu, sour radish and pig stomach, sour cabbage tofu brain soup, and stir-fried frog are must-try dishes every time you go. You can try them when you go.

Tianbao Restaurant

Every time at Tianbao, the must-order is Tianbao-flavored shrimp. The color, fragrance, and taste are excellent, especially the lotus root inside which is very flavorful. After eating, mixing it with broth on the clear water surface, the shrimp has a delicious spicy taste, tempting! In addition, the tender squid and corn kernels in the grilled meat add more tenderness and better flavor. The taste of spring onions and yellow oyster mushrooms is even better, especially the crispy texture of the yellow oyster mushrooms when chewing.

Spicy stir-fried meat by Chef Fei

How can you not give it a try when the chili stir-fried pork by chef Fei, voted number one on the must-eat list for two consecutive years by Lianchan?

Master Hou's Stir-fry Restaurant

Master Hou's stir-fry restaurant seems to have two stores in Changsha. It specializes in hot stir-fry, which is a common dish in Hunan cuisine but has a touch of innovation in its simplicity. And most importantly, their dishes are consistently good.

Alliance BBQ Restaurant

Saw a sentence that goes like this: "If you don't check in when you visit Changsha, it's like not checking in when you visit Beijing, not checking in at Tiananmen Square." At first, I was just curious and skeptical, but after trying it for myself, I was amazed. I have never had such delicious grilled skewers in Guangzhou...

Liuyang Restaurant

Environment good? Ingredients fresh? Tasty? Fast service? Affordable prices? Then you can't go wrong with this place! Baka Radish has several locations in Changsha, and I frequent the Guangji Bridge Mayuanwan outlet. You can use navigation to find the other locations. If you care about the presentation and aesthetics of your dishes, it's best not to go there, because their dishes are not particularly visually appealing. Some bowls they use even have chips. But that's just the style of homestyle cooking, as they prioritize taste above all else! Make sure to go there early for a meal, because if you go late, you're definitely going to have to wait in line.