Eat your way through the streets and alleys of Changsha, and be a true foodie! (Part 1)

Changsha has unique snacks, popular restaurants, street vendors, etc. There is always a delicious food that suits your taste~

Classic stinky tofu in black color

When we first arrived in Changsha, we had a "stick"-shaped dish, which was really delicious. It had a black crust and a hole in the middle, filled with pepper. The taste was amazing, spicy but not overly hot. With each bite, the soup overflowed, leaving a lingering fragrance in the mouth. I highly recommend it!

Luo Ji stinky tofu

Both shops are quite famous. The black classic is popular nationwide, and Luoji has been featured on Hunan TV. As you can see in the picture below, Luoji's stinky tofu is served with pickled vegetable, but it depends on personal preference.

Chen Ji Oil and Grocery Store

Changsha locals recommend this dish. It looks empty inside, with sesame seeds on the outside that appears as numerous as what you see. It tastes fragrant and slightly sweet, with a soft and non-greasy texture. But it's a bit expensive! Hehe

Hunan Business College Canteen

Hunan Business College, I went there because it's close to where I live. I didn't expect to find many attractive girls in the business college. I also discovered a branch of the Luodingji's snail noodles, which tasted great. This expensive mixed-rice dish was not tasty though! But it wouldn't be the same without everyone there.

Golden sugar and oil

This was recommended to me by an online friend. It's also in Tianxin District. I thought it was pretty good after I finished eating it. The outside is crispy and the inside is glutinous rice, very soft. But be careful, it's hot. The price is not expensive. I recommend everyone to try it!

Old man's sugar-coated cakes

The previous one is Tangyou Tuotuo, and this one is the famous Tangyou Baba in Changsha, with a similar taste.