Recommendations for wedding dress photography locations in Qingdao! Suggested to bookmark

Qingdao is one of the best locations in China for taking wedding photos. So, what are some places here that are particularly suitable for taking wedding photos? Let me recommend a few for you.

Catholic Church

Built in 1932, with a tower height of 56 meters, it was the tallest building in Shandong Province before the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is also the only consecrated hall in China, so many couples come here.

Bada Guan Scenic Area

Ba Da Guan Scenic Area, located on the east side of Huiquan Bay, is the most prominent scenic area in Qingdao known for its "red tiles, green trees, blue sea, and clear sky". Here, besides enjoying the architecture, you can also appreciate the beautiful scenery of Ba Da Guan in all four seasons. Shaoguan Road is filled with peach trees that bloom pink in spring, Zhengyangguan Road is lined with purple wisteria in summer. Juyongguan Road features pentagon maple trees that turn red in autumn, and along Zijingguan Road, there are rows of evergreen cedar trees.
The sea in Qingdao is blue, the beaches are golden, the rocks are red. The feeling of endless expanse is everywhere. Here, you will feel very relaxed and happy, because it can accommodate everything you have. Under such beautiful scenery, taking wedding photos is a great choice.

Qingdao street view

Qingdao has many beautiful streets, such as the Chinese-style University Road, the artistic Huangxian Road, and the Fish Hill Road with many celebrity residences. Each place has its own characteristics and style, worth going for wedding photos.