Qingdao Beer Map, must collect

Visitors coming to Qingdao must drink a glass of pure and fresh Qingdao beer, as it is a must-visit destination for this trip. So, what are the must-visit beer tasting places in Qingdao? Take a look at this map and you will know.

Dengzhou Road

Dengzhou Road is the birthplace of Qingdao Beer. It is just one kilometer long and is home to not only Qingdao Beer Factory, but also China's first beer museum and various beer sculptures. Therefore, Dengzhou Road is also known as Beer Street. Dengzhou Road's Beer Street is lively all year round, with beer seafood stalls and beer houses everywhere. Among them, "Qing Beer House" and "Jiu Xiang Yuan" are two very popular seafood beer restaurants.

Yingkou Road

The beer-loving people of Qingdao must come to Yingkou Road. Compared to the popular Dengzhou Road Beer Street, with Yingkou Road Agricultural Market as the center, it is the gathering place for authentic old Qingdao locals. There are more than 130 beer shops of all sizes near Yingkou Road, with a price of 9 yuan per bottle. The vegetables are usually pickled cucumbers, edamame, peanuts, and grilled meat. Guests can also buy some conch, shrimp, crab, and sea intestines at the nearby Yingkou Road Market. As long as they pay a processing fee of 5-20 yuan, the store will take care of it.

Four Square Road

Near Zhongshan Road and Zhanqiao, Sifang Road and Huangdao Road are the favorites of old Qingdao people. There are many beer houses in this area, with an average consumption of 50-80 yuan per person. Because it is close to Huangdao Road Market, most beer houses can provide seafood processing.

Lover's Dam Bar Street

Compared to private beer houses, beach bars focus on atmosphere and environment, and are another way to enjoy beer. The bars in Qingdao are scattered, with popular ones mainly located in bustling commercial areas or near the seaside, such as the Olympic Sailing Center area. Especially, the Lover's Bar Street by the beach is an important gathering place for hot summers. In addition, there are many well-established bars on Minjiang Road, Yan'erdao Road, Zhangzhou Second Road, and Hong Kong Middle Road.