Traveling to Qingdao with kids is not only fun but also rewarding!

Qingdao has pleasant sea breeze and beautiful scenery, making it one of the popular destinations for family trips in China. However, it can be a headache for parents to take their children out to play. Children's interests may be different from adults', so how should we play with children in Qingdao to make them happy and gain something? This guide will answer your questions.

Qingdao Zhanqiao

The Zhanqiao is one of the iconic buildings in Qingdao, and it is a must-visit spot in Qingdao. At the end of the Zhanqiao is the Huiyilan Pavilion, which is said to have served as the design inspiration for the logo of Qingdao Beer. You can enter the Huiyilan Pavilion to visit, but there is an admission fee. Inside, there are some paintings, calligraphy, and old items related to Qingdao, which may be a bit boring for children. However, the rocks by the Zhanqiao are definitely a paradise for children. The rising and falling of the seawater here is one of the landmarks of Qingdao, and of course, it is also the first must-visit attraction in Qingdao. There are many small water pools on the rocks, where children can find small shrimps, clams, and crabs, as well as many oysters that can be easily taken off the rocks by hand. It's very interesting, and children will have a great time playing here.
In winter, thousands of seagulls come to Qingdao to spend the winter, and they are not afraid of people and can interact with them up close. The best place to see seagulls is probably the May Fourth Square. With just one Yuan, you can buy a bag of sliced mantou, and the seagulls will take it directly from your hand or even your head. It's a great opportunity for children to have close encounters with seagulls and learn about animal conservation.
The Second Bathing Beach, also known as "Taipingjiao Bathing Beach", is located in the Ba Da Guan Scenic Area. Unlike other beaches in Qingdao, there is an entrance fee of two yuan per ticket at the Second Beach, and the management is relatively well regulated. The Second Beach can be said to be the cleanest beach in Qingdao. The beach is excellent with soft sand, and it feels very comfortable to walk on barefoot. It is perfect for children to play with sand. With a shovel and a bucket, mischievous children can have fun playing for an entire afternoon.


I'm in Qingdao now, and you should definitely take the children to the beach. There are two larger aquariums in Qingdao, one is the Old Qingdao Undersea World and the other is the recently popular Haichang Polar Ocean World. The Undersea World has the most diverse marine animal species in China, with colorful fish, glowing fish, and various rare fish species. In addition, there is an undersea tunnel where you can see a wide variety of marine animals, such as fish and turtles, swimming above your head. It's a fantastic experience that kids will love. The Haichang Polar Ocean World is a great place for dolphin and whale shows. In the dolphin exhibition hall, polar museum, ocean technology museum, and the happy theater, you can see performances by polar bears, dolphins, penguins, seals, and other animals. If you're lucky, you might even have a close interaction with a beluga whale. I had the chance to communicate with a beluga whale when I was a child. I touched its fin and let it gently rub against my cheek. It was definitely a unique life experience!

Fantawild Dream Kingdom

Believe that there are no kids who don't like amusement parks, taking kids to Qingdao Fantawild can definitely let them have a blast. Unlike foreign amusement park brands like Disney and Universal Studios, Fantawild Kingdom has more Chinese characteristics. Qingdao Fantawild has unique projects, such as "Lao Mountain Taoist," which uses a series of high-tech special effects to tell the legend of Qingdao's Lao Mountain Taoist, which children will definitely be interested in. In addition, Qingdao Fantawild also offers special parent-child projects, such as "Light of Life" and "Children's Dreamland," which are both highly entertaining and educational, making it perfect for parents and children to experience together.