Experience the beauty and leisure of old Qingdao. Recommended walking routes in the old city of Qingdao (part 2)

The beauty of the old city of Qingdao comes from a not-so-glorious history, as a colony. In 1891, the Qing government sent people to garrison Qingdao and establish its administration. In 1897, Germany forcibly seized Qingdao as a colony. That was a period of humiliation in history, and even now, there are many artillery batteries on the mountains of Qingdao that date back to the German occupation period. At the same time, this place was also the only battlefield in Asia during the First World War, silently telling its history to the world. The old city of Qingdao is filled with various German-style buildings. Earlier, Qingdao was famous as the "Switzerland of the Orient". The urban development of Qingdao has also followed the pattern of many cities, with various high-rise buildings constantly emerging in the old city area, making the overall landscape of the old city not as it used to be. However, personally, I think Qingdao has done a relatively good job in preserving its old buildings. Therefore, strolling through the old city of Qingdao is an extremely enjoyable experience. It has European-style streets and buildings, as well as several generations of Chinese people living here. The unique charm of the old city of Qingdao lies in its undulating terrain. Various red-roofed houses are neatly arranged, creating a picturesque view. Going up a steep slope will only take you to the doorstep of a household. This kind of enjoyment can be found not only in the mountainous city of Chongqing, but also in the old city area of Qingdao.

Friendship Bookstore

As one of the cultural "landmarks" of the old city of Qingdao, the retro bookstore exudes artistic charm. The German-style old building on Guangxi Road has been rebuilt to resemble its appearance from a hundred years ago, while the decorative style of Liangyou Bookstore still carries the cultural taste and atmosphere of the Shanghai style magazine from the 1920s. Here, besides being able to buy books produced by Liangyou Bookstore, you can also find unique Qingdao tourist maps, taste handcrafted coffee, and most importantly, truly experience the rich cultural atmosphere permeating the city.

Governor-General's Office of Macau

After the founding of the country, this place became the location of Qingdao Municipal Government. It moved to East Qingdao in the 1990s. It also serves as the office location for the Municipal Political Consultative Conference and the Municipal People's Congress. Visitors are not allowed.
After the tour, you can enter the Yishui Road area. Yishui Road is not long, but there are many attractions, such as the British and American consulates in Qingdao, the former site of the German Navy Camp, etc. On the other side of Yishui Road is the Qingdao Christian Church.

Jiangsu Road Christian Church

The Qingdao Christian Church is located at the end of Yishui Road. It still functions as a church and attracts worshippers every weekend. It is not recommended to visit on Sundays due to the crowd. It is better to visit later if you have time. The ticket office closes early. When I went around 5 o'clock, it had already closed, and I was the only person in the church square. I sat quietly for a while, admiring this beautiful building.
The hill itself doesn't have much significance. But from here, you can overlook the old city of Qingdao, with red tiles, green trees, blue sea and sky, all in sight. If you want to see it, go quickly, as there are more and more high-rise buildings in the old city. The scenery is not as beautiful as before.

Ocean University of China

The geographic location of Ocean University is excellent, the military camp is right here. From near the Ocean University amusement park, the beautiful scenery of Signal Hill is in full view. In the cherry blossom season of April, looking at Signal Hill from afar on Yinhai Road is incredibly beautiful!