Enjoy the beauty of winter and must-visit attractions for winter travel in Ningxia

Magical Ningxia in the northwestern part of the Great Wall, where yellow sand meets white snow, a different world of ice and snow, a different experience of the northwestern region.

Shapotou Tourism Scenic Area

Spanning the banks of the Yellow River, encompassing the vast desert, the Yellow River, mountains, and oasis, the landscape is magnificent. With its vast desert and the Yellow River passing through, it combines the grandeur of the northwest with the elegance of the south. In winter, one can not only appreciate the tranquil scenery of the desert but also witness the spectacular sight of "the lone smoke of the vast desert, and the setting sun over the long river" as described by Wang Wei.

Shuidonggou Site

Xu Zhimo once wrote the poem "Winter in the North is winter", while the winter of Shuidonggou is spacious and profound, with prosperity fading away, but it is peaceful and far-reaching, far from anxiety and extravagance, displaying its charm in simplicity and desolation.
In winter, the Great Wall Fortress in the Western Film Town gains a touch of desolation and grandeur. The northern wind blows across the area, lending this small town in the north a wild and rugged charm reminiscent of the northwest desert. However, there is also a magical and festive atmosphere that permeates the air.


The sky is high and the clouds are light, looking to the south for flying geese. Only those who reach the Great Wall can be regarded as true heroes, with a journey of 20,000 li. On the high peaks of Liupan Mountain, the red flag waves in the west wind. Today, I hold the long reins in my hand, when will I tame the mighty dragon? Liupan Mountain is one of the youngest mountain ranges in China.

Helan Mountain Rock Art Scenic Area

Helan Mountain rock paintings in winter, covered in white snow. Majestic and towering, occasionally, the "spirits of Helan Mountain" rock sheep appear on the snow-covered slopes, basking in the warm sunshine, enjoying themselves.

Huangsha Ancient Ferry

Winter yellow sand ancient ferry, shows the desolation and grand beauty of the northern frontier. Seen before our eyes are the majestic desert, serene river, sunset painting the flowing ice, and winter snow blanketing the land. The scenery of the northern region appears even more rustic and peaceful.