The most recommended hotels in Henan are all here!

The coverage this time is really comprehensive, ranging from five-star hotels in the city to vacation rentals in the surrounding areas. And according to Pigpig (a name), there are quite a few worth recommending, with really great prices!

Jianye Tianzhu International Apartment

The hotel opposite the high-speed rail station is very convenient in terms of location. The beds are comfortable and the room decor is minimalist in Japanese style. The soundproofing is good, and it is very quiet. The hotel also has a small garden with a nice environment. If there are fast food restaurants nearby, the hotel also provides contactless service with robot delivery, which is very high-tech and the robots are also cute.

Kaifeng at Liangjun Hotel

D Zone of the Huangsong Daguan Cultural Park. Highly recommend this hotel, great stay experience, clean rooms, unique decoration, suitable for families or couples traveling. Excellent location, within the Huangsong Daguan courtyard, many restaurants nearby. There is a grilled lamb stall right across from the hotel, tasty food. If you want to go to the night market in the evening, you can reach Xisi Night Market in just 10 minutes by bike.

Yi Tong Jing She, Kaifeng

The hotel is very close to Henan University and Henan University Affiliated Middle School, with convenient transportation and can be seen everywhere. The hotel environment is good, especially quiet, and the decoration of the whole hotel makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. There is free coffee and tea in the guest rooms. After a day's exhaustion, it will definitely feel very comfortable, and the hotel staff are really considerate and friendly.

Sofitel Zhengzhou

The hotel is located next to Qingming Shanghe Garden in downtown Kaifeng. When you enter the hotel by car, you will see small bridges, flowing water, and lakes. You can faintly see the curved eaves, surrounded by beautiful green plants and summer flowers. The deluxe suite is very spacious, with one bedroom, one living room, two bathrooms, and an outdoor sofa. The hotel is perfect for family trips, vacations, and relaxation.

Luoyang Luoyin Hotel

The hotel is transformed from a factory building, with a unique design. It is located in a cultural and creative park, so it is particularly quiet, giving a feeling of being hidden in the city. All the staff members are very friendly and will proactively greet guests, naturally and warmly. Friends who like the industrial style must check out this hotel.