There are some extremely cool extreme sports locations in Guizhou

Polar sports and exploration are a brand new perspective, exploring and challenging the Earth, life, and oneself, and meaning living in the present one hundred percent. In your life, there must be one or two extreme sports that excite and exhilarate you, allowing you to overcome all obstacles and combine your strength, flexibility, coordination, and courage.

The Shuanghe Cave and the Great Rift belong to the "Twelve Behind". This year, they were named "Asia's longest cave". Shuanghe limestone is currently the longest limestone in the world. It is not a single hole, but a complex cave system. With over 200 caves, multiple underground rivers, and a complex underground maze, it is the largest cave group in China, known as the "Gateway to the Earth" by CCTV.
The Guanling Balinhe Bridge is located on the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway in Guizhou. The bridge has a total length of 2237 meters, a main span of 1088 meters, and is the largest steel truss suspension bridge with the sixth largest span in the world. Standing on the bungee jumping platform, you can enjoy the scenery of Guanling, and with arms wide open, you can experience the thrill of free fall and enjoy the ultimate pleasure. Nothing can be more delightful than this.

Red fruit tree Flylada

The cave formed naturally under the Tian Sheng Bridge in the Hongguo Tree Scenic Area is like a giant stone bridge, with a clear spring underneath. The Tian Sheng Bridge and the steep stone walls surrounding it form a "U" shape, which is breathtaking when viewed from the top of the mountain. This climbing route will present a U-shaped form. It is over 300 meters long with a height difference of over 30 meters, and is composed of iron ladders, footboards, cable bridges, rope climbing, and other elements such as water swaying bridges, steep ladders, and rope loops.

Monkey Ear Heavenly Pit Super Big Swing

Monkey Ear Tiankeng World Double Swing, also known as Extreme Swing, originated from rope sports. Outdoor sports with a vertical face height of 42 meters are called rope descent, and during the rainy season, it can form a waterfall at the landing point, also known as waterfall descent.

Zangke River

The altitude of Zangke River ranges from 724 to 2127 meters, with a wide water surface area. The altitude difference between peaks like Laowang Mountain and Jiuceng Mountain and the surface of Zangke Lake is over 500 meters, making it a rare natural base for paragliding activities in China. The takeoff site is high in elevation, with excellent geographical conditions and gentle slopes, and the mountain range is undulating.

Longli Grassland

Playing paragliding in Longli grassland is unique. Longli County grassland is a high-altitude plateau grassland, with an elevation of over 1600 meters, and the elevation at the foot of the mountain is around 1000 meters, with a drop of nearly 600 meters. Besides enjoying the fun and excitement of paragliding, you can also appreciate the unique Buyi style, terraced landscape, and other natural scenery along the way. The flight takes about 20 minutes, depending on the weather.