Duku Highway | Overview of the attractions along the landscape avenue traversing the Tian Shan Mountains (Part 1)

DuKu Highway, a miracle in Chinese highway history, is a must-go route for every self-driving enthusiast. It is like a giant dragon lying across the Tianshan Mountains, crossing the vast Tianshan mountain range. Within a day, you can experience the four seasons and witness the typical Xinjiang topography and landscape, as well as enjoy the ethnic customs of Uyghur, Mongolian, and Kazakh.

Dushanzi District

Dushanzi is a part of Karamay City, but it is not connected to the urban area of Karamay. It is a detached "enclave" located 150 kilometers away. Self-driving tourists can start directly from Ürümqi, go through Shihezi and Kuytun to reach Dushanzi via the Lianhuo Expressway, which takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes; or take the high-speed train to Kuytun Railway Station, which is only ten kilometers away from the city center of Dushanzi, and then rent a car to continue the journey.

Dushanzi Mud Volcano

Although it is a volcano, it erupts mud instead of lava, which is a rare and unique geological landscape in China. From the summit, you can have a panoramic view of Dushanzi City, especially during the evening. Dushanzi is one of the earliest developed three major oil fields in China, and the industrial scenery is abundant in the city area. Near the mud volcano, there are the ruins of the first oil well and the first distillation pot in Xinjiang. You can pass by these two ruins if you drive down the north slope road.

Tianshan Highway Snow Protection Tunnel - Hashilegen Tunnel

In Hashlegen section, there is also a "world's only artificial snow prevention corridor", where snow can directly fall into the mountain ravine without affecting the roadway, which is also a unique sight.

Haxi'ergen Tunnel

Continue along the route, and you will encounter the next scenic spot "Tianpu". The glacier at the top of the mountain melts and rushes down from the rocks by the road, giving it the name "Tianpu" (Heavenly Waterfall). At this point, the altitude has reached 3000 meters. Soon, you will pass through the Hashilegendabang Tunnel, the highest point of this journey.
The Jolma Monument and Martyrs' Cemetery are located in the town. They are the burial place for soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the construction of the Duku Highway in the last century. After a meal, you can visit the memorial hall to pay your respects.

Tangbula Prairie