No pollution! The scenery of this small town is just as beautiful as Guilin. Visiting once is like visiting four provinces. Only 1% of Chinese people know about it

Did you know that there is such a fairyland town in China that has already become a worldwide Internet sensation but is not known to the Chinese? It is a paradise for self-driving enthusiasts, and the highway that leads to it is called by foreign media as the "first road to the fairyland of China's highways." It is favored by God alone with canyons, caves, waterfalls, lakes, terraced fields, and forests. All these breathtaking scenery can be found here. It is the frontier town of Jingxi, located in Guangxi.

Iguaçu Falls

There are waterfalls here that rival those in Guizhou and a global water system comparable to Venice. Various waterfalls are like beautiful ladies in a palace, each with its own unique characteristics. Ai Bu Waterfall is one of them, still undeveloped but incredibly beautiful. It is hidden near Ai Bu Village, with a clear little river flowing from the distant mountains and cascading down three levels between the mountains. With a drone, you can capture the breathtaking beauty of this fairyland!
E Quan is known as one of the three famous springs in southwestern China. It is also the source of the De Tian Waterfall, which spans across China and Vietnam. The spring water here remains clean and clear throughout the year, with colors ranging from blue to green. At first glance, it resembles Jiuzhaigou Valley. Surrounded by green mountains and picturesque fields, with lush bamboo and verdant trees, occasionally accompanied by the busy figure of an old farmer working the land, it bears a striking resemblance to the idyllic paradise depicted in Tao Yuanming's "Peach Blossom Spring."
Quyang Lake is a large karst plateau lake reservoir with stunning scenery comparable to Qiandao Lake. It spans dozens of kilometers, with numerous islands and karst peaks, offering breathtaking views reminiscent of Guilin. You can take a boat ride on the lake, experience the vast expanse of the water's surface, or choose to cycle around the lake and explore the lush bamboo forests and villages with distinctive Zhuang ethnic characteristics on both sides. Lastly, don't miss the incredibly beautiful and vibrant sunrise here—every photo taken is like a masterpiece!

Bazeh Terraces

There are terraced fields here that are no less impressive than those in Yunnan, called Baze Terraced Fields. The terraced fields here cover over 1,000 acres, extending continuously and winding around the mountains. They possess the charm of Yunnan's Hani terraced fields and the enchantment of Guangxi's Longji terraced fields. This place is relatively unknown, with less than 1% of people knowing about it, and it is hailed as a heavenly ladder lost to the world. The most beautiful season is during the harvest in September, where the view resembles an exquisite oil painting.

S60 He'na Expressway

There is a thrilling self-driving route to Jingxi, known as the most beautiful fairyland expressway in China. It's called Hena Expressway, where you will journey through a karst countryside and experience the enchanting scenery of a rural paradise. It spans a total of 516 kilometers, and along this route, besides enjoying the fairyland-like scenery, you can also visit the popular attractions in Jingxi, such as the Gu Longshan Grand Canyon, Tongling Grand Canyon, and Jiuzhou Ancient Town.