Shanghai sci-fi charm self-driving tour: 6 small and beautiful off-the-beaten-path spots

Traveling to Shanghai, besides visiting the Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower to enjoy the beautiful scenery and bustling crowds, there are also many unique and niche places that are perfect for sightseeing. You will discover a highly diverse Shanghai! Here are 6 off-the-beaten-path attractions that you must visit, each offering a magical, artistic, and futuristic experience. No wonder Shanghai is regarded as the city of magic!

Shanghai Glass Palace Art Bookstore

Combining the art of light and shadow with literary charm, the entire space is open and artistic. There is a sunken outdoor square at the entrance, and the entire bookstore is a large glass space.
The exhibition hall is grand and magnificent, full of design sense. The artistic play of light and shadow is unexpected. It can be said that this place is a paradise for architecture enthusiasts!

SkyPark Gardens

It's perfect for a weekend visit here! Pink runway, lush green lawn, vibrant colors, instantly uplifts the mood!
There are various exhibitions here, and it is the main venue of Shanghai Biennale! The 165-meter chimney is both a landmark of Shanghai and an independent exhibition space, very cool.

Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre

The works of Japanese architect Tadao Ando, with their flowing curves and futuristic structures, make it a great spot for taking photos and checking in! Especially the staircase here that seems to lead to heaven, it's full of a dreamlike feeling.

Shanghai Ximalaya Center (Sakura Road)

Like a cave world that crosses through an alien world, the architectural design style is tough and full of magical space!