List of local Vietnamese cuisine in Hanoi

Hanoi has a lot of delicious food, and personally, I think it is the city with the most food in Vietnam. Actually, local dishes in Hanoi are just pho, bun, banh, and so on, but it gathers food from all over Vietnam. It's not an exaggeration to say that a bowl of ordinary noodles in Hanoi can beat those in China in terms of price and taste. In addition to Vietnamese cuisine, there are also many Japanese, Korean (mainly barbecue), and French cuisines in Hanoi (highly recommended for its excellent value for money). However, I mainly recommend Vietnamese local cuisine, and they are mainly concentrated around the Old Quarter.

The best dish is pho tai nam, which is made with beef tendon and half-cooked beef, followed by pho tai, made with raw beef and rice noodle. Their fried dough sticks are also good. Prices are usually displayed on the menu in Hanoi restaurants, so don't worry about being ripped off, as the locals are honest. The price for a bowl of pho is around 45K-50K, which is higher than regular Vietnamese noodles (usually 30K), but it is definitely worth it. Their noodles have a lot of beef, and the soup base is very tasty, the best I've had in Hanoi. Adding some lemon juice makes it even better.

Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

The other recommended noodle shop is Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su. Its broth is also quite sweet, and it's a very popular shop that only serves pho bo and not pho ga. The noodles are also much more delicious than normal, and with the first mouthful, you'll feel like, "Wow, this is so delicious!"

24 LV n H u

Hanoi's bun cha is also very delicious, a little sweet, but totally acceptable. In Vietnam, a lot of food is grilled or fried, although it's spicy, it's not greasy. The rice noodles and grilled meat are separated, but the rice noodles stick together and then separate when placed in the soup of the grilled meat. The yellow pieces inside are papaya, and I like the texture of it, it's crunchy. In any case, it tastes very good~ highly recommended. This is the famous Bun Cha Huong Lien that Obama went to eat!

11 H ng B C

The bun rieu in this place is really delicious!! The soup base is great, it's sour! You can find bun rieu in many places, but only this one makes me want to stay there forever. It's better to order a regular one, no need to eat too much. This shop is unknown, so I must give the address, it has a small storefront and only opens in the morning and noon.

H ng Khay

This is a local snack in Hanoi. Actually, I don't think it should be considered a snack because it's all main dishes. There are various kinds of meat inside, and you can eat them with rice noodles dipping in fish sauce or shrimp paste. It's definitely worth a try~ delicious and unique.

87 H ngiu

In Hanoi, I fell in love with various "tron," which means mixed. Maybe because Vietnam is too hot, people need to eat different kinds of mixed food. This is mien luon tron. The taste is amazing, with a little bit of soup below, which is both fresh and sweet. Moreover, when you eat "tron" in Vietnam, they will also give you a bowl of soup, so you don't have to worry about it being dry.

6 Ph ng H ng

This restaurant's dry mix is super fragrant and delicious, and the price is very affordable, only about 30k per bowl.

Phuong Quang Hotel

This is the best bun bo hue (Hue-style beef noodle soup) I ever had in Hanoi, although I had better ones in Hue later.

35B Nguyn H u Hun

This one is highly recommended by many people. Xoi yen's sticky rice is really delicious, not only favored by tourists but also by locals.

25 Ng X

pho cuon, pho phong chien, you must try these two dishes when you go to this restaurant, they are very delicious.

La Vong Grilled Fish

This is a specialty dish from Hanoi, with fish as the main ingredient. There is no such way of eating fish in China. It is called "cha ca" in Vietnam and "ancient fried fish" in Chinese. It is very unique and delicious, a very Vietnamese way of eating, haha.

ChCThng Long

This is a specialty dish of Hanoi, with fish as the main ingredient. There is no such way of eating fish in China. It is called "cha ca" in Vietnamese and "ancient-style fried fish" in Chinese. It is very special and delicious, a very Vietnamese way of enjoying it.

Che 4 Mua

A Vietnamese traditional dessert shop with a large local reputation.

Che 93

A small dessert shop is very popular with many people, and many people come to buy banh troi (glutinous rice balls), which are served in ginger soup and taste particularly good.