These parks in the capital city are worth visiting on your first trip

The season of warming weather, Beijing Zoo finally opened on March 23, with 140+ animals including pandas waiting for you to visit. Other attractions have also been organized, please keep the latest park guide.

Beijing Zoo was closed for 58 days from January 24th and finally reopened on March 23rd. Due to unstable temperatures, only 140 species of animals are currently available for visit. However, visitors can still see adorable pandas and provide a happy place for frustrated children.
The Badaling Great Wall will partially open some sections starting from March 24th. Currently, visitors can only tour according to the designated route. On the first day of operation, there weren't many tourists, allowing for a firsthand experience of the tranquil Great Wall.
Temple of Heaven, a world cultural heritage site, a key national cultural relic protection unit, a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction, and a national model of civilized scenic tourist area.
Zhongshan Park is located south of the Forbidden City (the Palace Museum) in the center of Beijing, and to the west of Tiananmen Square, just a wall away from the Forbidden City. Covering an area of 230,000 square meters, it is a monumental classical temple garden. It was originally the Altar of the Land and Grain (Shejitan) in the Ming and Qing dynasties, built in accordance with the ritual system of "left ancestors, right deities" dating back to the Zhou dynasty along with the Temple of Heaven (now the National Centre for the Performing Arts).
Tiananmen Square, located in the center of Beijing, is situated on East Chang'an Street in Dongcheng District. It stretches from Tiananmen Gate in the north to Zhengyang Gate in the south, with the Chinese National Museum in the east and the Great Hall of the People in the west. It spans 880 meters north to south and 500 meters east to west, covering an area of 440,000 square meters. It can accommodate one million people for grand gatherings and is the largest city square in the world.
Beihai Park is located in the central area of Beijing, on the western side of Jingshan, northwest of the Forbidden City. It is known as one of the "Three Seas" along with Zhonghai and Nanhai.
Jingshan Park is located on Jingshan Front Street in Xicheng District, Beijing. It is situated on the central axis of Beijing city during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It faces the Beihai to the west and is opposite the Shenwumen of the Forbidden City to the south. The central hill in the park was artificially built and used to be the highest point in the city.
Taoran Pavilion Park is located northwest of Taoran Bridge in the southern second ring of Beijing. It is a modern urban garden that combines ancient and modern garden art, with a focus on highlighting the "pavilion culture" of the Chinese nation.