Making home more beautiful · Recommending 3 great stores in Beijing

Once autumn and winter arrive, the retro trend follows suit. Heavy velvet and luxurious metals, along with dark and warm tones, add a sense of warmth and depth. Retro home decor also makes coming home more exciting.

Gondone old warehouse

The main feature of this brand is its retro aesthetic and the design of old patterned tiles. It draws inspiration from Chinese antique furniture to preserve and continue their essence as much as possible.

Agehome - Scandinavian era home furnishings

This store is an authorized agent for foreign home brands, with everything from dining tables and sofas to poster decorations, every item is interesting, and they also have well-preserved antique Nordic furniture.

NORHOR Nordic expression

When it comes to retro home decor, we can't ignore norhor. The original series of Haier's Helm offers great value for money and has collaborated with many international renowned brands, so you can always find your favorite one.