Beijing Check-in: Cafe List

The first snow of Beijing has already fallen. In the cold and gloomy weather, there's nothing better than having a cup of coffee. Can Rub Corgi Coffee Shop is a cute place where you can enjoy a coffee with an adorable sunny-side-up egg.

Manner Coffee

Manner Coffee's flagship store in Xidan just opened. The stall is clean and tidy. The price of each cup of coffee ranges from 15 to 25 yuan. Bringing your own cup can also save 5 yuan. It offers great value for money.

Cafe Duet

Unlike trendy cafés that are only focused on aesthetics, this one is truly cozy and charming. Here, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, work quietly, and read a book.


A coffee champion team from Beijing opened a shop where you can buy coffee on the first floor and attend experience courses on the second floor, where various high-level latte art can be realized.

Regular coffee + Mona Gin Bar

The smallest independent store in the Size Coffee chain, it serves coffee during the day and transforms into Beijing's only handcrafted whisky bar at night. Located on Xixinglong Street in Qianmen, it features a stylish and modern design that adds a unique charm to the old city area.


A small shop by the Liangmaqiao River, with minimal white decoration. The surrounding area is peaceful and comfortable. Buy a cup of coffee, sit for a while, and give yourself a rest.

I am's house, Dongsi Qitiao Branch

Iams opened a new store in Dongsi Shitiao, still located in the old Beijing hutongs. The coffee shop has white walls, wooden roofs, and floor-to-ceiling windows, and it can serve as a rooftop cafe.


Coffee production is relatively stable, and the chocolate sauce added to the mocha is homemade. However, compared to coffee, the honeycomb cake in the shop is more outstanding. In the cold winter, it is better to have more sweetness.

Corgi cuteness association

There are 11 random Corgis in the store. The types of coffee are basic, and each cup will have a Corgi-shaped marshmallow on top. The plates for snacks also have Corgi patterns on them.