Exploring the youngest volcanic island in China | What to do on Weizhou Island? Check out this comprehensive list of attractions

Weizhou Island is one of the top ten most beautiful islands in China. However, how to choose the best accommodation, how to eat the freshest seafood, and how to enjoy the famous scenery on the island have become a difficult problem for many people before traveling. A comprehensive guide will guide you through all the clicks and explore the legend of this blue sea.

Crocodile Mountain Volcano Park

Located on the west side of the south bay of Weizhou Island, Crocodile Ridge is about 4 kilometers from the town center. It is here that you can see the most complete remnants of volcanic activity. The park also has the iconic lighthouse on the island, which is a guardian light for fishermen. Climb to the top of the tower and enjoy the view of the endless blue coastline from the lookout.

Drip water on a red silk screen

Original name Dishiyan, the upper part of the cliff is covered with green trees, and there is often water overflowing from the cracks between the layers of the cliff, dripping down like a curtain of beads.

South Bay Seafood Market

Located in the center of Nanwan Town, it is a great place to experience local life and a gathering place for tourists to buy seafood on their own. There are various seafood for sale throughout the day, such as shrimps, scallops, flounders, etc. The seafood is abundant and the prices vary with the seasons. The seafood is fresh and inexpensive, and the innkeeper can help with the purchase if you don't know how to buy.

Shiluokou Beach

It is a hub for maritime entertainment and also one of the best diving bases on Weizhou Island. Due to its geographical location, the sand content in the sea is very low. Therefore, the sea here is as clear as a sapphire and belongs to the best on the island. The sand is beautiful and soft, white under the sunlight, and the beaches have breathtaking scenery that makes people linger.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

The Church of Our Lady was built in 1882 and is a typical European rural Gothic-style chapel. In front of the church is a three-story square bell tower, with the words "Church of Our Lady" carved on the front. Behind the bell tower is a rectangular church and a two-story building. The French priest who built the church over a hundred years ago is buried in the Church of Our Lady.

Wetland Park of Weizhou Island

In summer, many birds can be seen nesting here. It is currently just a reed marsh.

Catholic church

A typical Gothic architecture of the French Renaissance period, one of the Four Great Catholic Churches of the late Qing Dynasty, is a witness to the fusion and symbiosis of Chinese and Western cultures throughout history. The ancient church remains untouched and is built entirely from coral, rocks, and lime from the island. It took ten years to build and has a unique appearance. The exterior of the church evokes the image of old Shanghai in the 1920s, while stepping inside gives one a sense of tranquility and contemplation.