Take photos with the same style as the internet celebrities in Beihai

I want to take photos with the same Instagram style in Beihai, and experience the beautiful scenery of the ASEAN tourism gateway and the coastal paradise. Here are six great places in Beihai for taking photos.

Qiaogang Resort Beach, also known as Qiaogang Beach, is located across from Yintan Beach, separated only by the Dianbai Liaogang Port. Although the sand quality is slightly inferior to Yintan Beach, there are far fewer tourists here. It is also a great place to enjoy the sunset, and the surrounding dining and accommodation options are more cost-effective.

Beihai Silver Beach Tourist Resort

Silver Beach is a seaside resort located in the southern part of Beihai. It consists of Silver Beach Park, Beach Park, and a variety of recreational facilities. It has fine silver-white sandy beaches, especially beautiful during sunset. It is also a popular destination for swimming and water activities. Silver Beach Park is more popular and most of the water sports are located here, while Beach Park is more suitable for leisurely walks. One of Beihai's iconic landmarks, the Giant Steel Ball Sculpture, is also located here.

Overseas Chinese Style Street

The Overseas Hong Kong Street is a popular food street in Beihai City. As it is a residential area for Vietnamese immigrants, you can also taste authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The street is close to the beach, so you can enjoy the beach during the day, admire the spectacular sunset in the evening, and then come here to enjoy delicious seafood snacks, which is very enjoyable.

Beihai Jinhai Bay Mangrove Ecological Tourism Zone

Haikou Jinhai Bay Mangrove Ecotourism Area is a beautiful coastal wetland, mainly composed of the mangrove viewing area and the Danjia Folk Village. Here, you can stroll along the wooden walkway that extends deep into the wetland and enjoy the vast expanse of mangroves. You can also explore the Danjia Folk Village and experience the culture of the Danjia ethnic group. Additionally, you can go to the beach to fish, collect shells, and catch crabs, experiencing the life of the Danjia fishermen.

Guantongling National Forest Park

Located at the western end of Beihai City, Mount Guantouling National Forest Park is a scenic area with both forests and sea-eroded reefs. Visitors can stroll along the rocky beaches and enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset. The park's main peak, Wanglou Peak, stands at an altitude of 120 meters and is the highest point in Beihai City. From the mountain top, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding coastline.
The continent island is located in the southern part of the South China Sea. It is a large dormant volcanic island in China, and many people consider it as a destination for graduation trips. The volcanic rock of the Crocodile Mountain Scenic Area, the sea erosion landscape of Dripping Water Danping, diverse beaches, and beautiful sunrises and sunsets are all the charm of Wenzhou Island. For food lovers, delicious seafood is also not to be missed.

Wai Sha Seafood Island

Beihai Wai Sha Seafood Island is the largest seafood distribution center and most renowned seafood dining area in Guangxi region. The island is surrounded by the sea on all sides, forming a strip shape, with a 2-kilometer long coastline, perfect for sea viewing.