Qinhuangdao, a place to explore the artistic and fresh side

In the past, Qinhuangdao has always given people a down-to-earth feeling, such as swimming and eating seafood. But in fact, it also has an unknown and refreshing side. Coming here to enjoy a little freshness can be a special travel experience.

Sanlian Bookstore Seaside Public Library

The Sanlian Bookstore Seaside Public Library is located within the Anaya Golden Coast Resort area, close to the Changli International Sand Sliding Center, approximately 500 meters north of the sand sliding center. The library opened in May 2015 and is quite isolated due to its proximity to the sea.

Glass Museum

The Qinhuangdao Glass Museum is the first state-owned glass-themed museum in China. The museum consists of exhibition areas, a site park, a themed restaurant, and an office area. It is a public cultural facility that integrates collection, research, education, exhibition, and leisure functions.

1898 Café

The sign of the 1898 café is unique, with an elegant statue standing in front of it. Inside the café, there is a hidden paradise with wooden furniture, faded old photographs, and a strong sense of history. You can order a cup of cappuccino and enjoy a leisurely moment.

Lianfeng Mountain

Lianfeng Mountain, also known as Lianpeng Mountain, is located on the seaside of the south side of Beidaihe. It is a beautiful park with a combination of mountains and forests. The park features beautiful small mountains, peculiar rocks, unique pine trees, and lush vegetation, creating a very beautiful environment. Visitors to Lianfeng Mountain Park can engage in mountain climbing for exercise, relax and take a stroll, and enjoy the beautiful stone and forest landscapes. From the summit of the main peak, one can also overlook the vast Bohai Bay, offering a broad and spectacular view.

Nandaihe International Entertainment Center

Nandaihe International Entertainment Center is located within the provincial-level forest park in the third zone of the Nandaihe tourist resort, covering a total area of 5.5 square kilometers. It is a coastal tourist attraction with rich connotations. The numerous recreational projects not only highlight the characteristics of "new, special, and extraordinary," but also fully demonstrate the naturalness, enthusiasm, and excitement of the surroundings.


Anaya is located on the Golden Coast in Changli County. It is a real estate development project and a charming resort area with a strong artistic style. The park features unique architectural styles, including a church and a library.