Here is the Qinhuangdao Strawberry Picking Map

On the recent island, when spring is in full bloom and the sunshine is bright, what's the best thing to do? Of course, it's strawberry picking! Yes, it's that time of the year again to indulge in strawberries. Strawberries are ripe from November to April of the following year. Just the thought of their sweet and tangy taste makes my mouth water uncontrollably~

Rain Up Strawberry Picking Farm

Discovering the large and robust strawberries beneath the cascading green leaves, picking one gently and putting it into your mouth, feeling the fullness and sweetness, it's hard not to let the saliva flow. These tiny strawberries embody the simple farmers' pursuit of deliciousness!

Strawberry picking at Qingxi Agricultural Pleasure Park

Surrounded by mountains, the Lianyu area is adorned with the meandering Lianyu River. It boasts abundant cultural and natural landscapes, including historical sites and scenic spots, making it a hidden paradise near the city.

Dream Kingdom of Agriculture

Here you can see the green land swept by the spring breeze and breathe the air rich in negative ions, allowing your body and mind to relax! Let the newly sprouted green branches in the garden please your eyes, and let the faint fragrance of strawberries take you into a magical countryside world!

Xiaodong Strawberry Picking Garden

The strawberries in the garden seem to have been infected by the boss. They grow beautifully, and when you take a bite, the flesh is delicate, sweet, and filled with a taste of happiness.

Leyue Strawberry Picking Garden

An enthusiastic boss will take you to visit various greenhouse areas, provide detailed introductions to each type of strawberry, let you taste a few, and then choose your favorite area for picking. It's truly a lot of fun.

Zhishuang Milk Strawberry Picking Farm

On the occasion of the blossoming of spring, returning to the green nature, and experiencing the artistic charm. Step into the Milk Strawberry picking farm, experience the joy of picking firsthand, taste high-quality fresh strawberries, and enjoy a leisurely farmhouse entertainment.