Dining in Beidaihe: Food Recommendations

In addition to beautiful scenery, there are countless delicious foods. Don't know what to eat in Beidaihe? This guide will tell you everything. Check out the delicious food in Beidaihe that will satisfy your taste buds!

1898 Coffee House

This café is a city's calling card. Taking photos and sharing them here on social media is super trendy, making it perfect for friends who love a bourgeois lifestyle!

Ye Cunli's seafood dumpling shop

Famous local specialties are the first choice for foodies, you must go try them when you come to Beidaihe. Moreover, the restaurants are not far from the beach and the surrounding area is very lively.

Yuxiang dry pot duck head

This shop is considered as the benchmark for dry pot duck head. The duck head, pig trotters, and delicacies are all excellent! It tastes especially delicious when paired with mushrooms, onions, bamboo shoots, and other ingredients. The pot stickers with three fresh vegetables as the base have thin skin and large filling. When they are just out of the pot, they are dripping with oil. They are especially fragrant!

Mr. Yu's noodles

The interior decoration of the store is very artistic, suitable for girlfriends, couples, and friends to gather together. It is very comfortable to stay. Every detail in the store, such as tableware, condiments, hot water, cups, etc., is very thoughtful. The taste of the noodles is very good, the soup base is fresh, the noodles are chewy, and it is well-seasoned and delicious.

Grilled barbecue from Mei Sister

Fresh ingredients and well-cooked, the taste of the grilled food is good.

Tong De Seafood Roast Duck Restaurant

It is well-known locally, with good value for money, and offers a variety of stir-fried dishes and seafood. Don't forget to try the honey-glazed spare ribs and duck!